the liver and the brain

Matthew Kirkcaldie m.kirkcaldie at removethis.unsw.edu.au
Thu Sep 2 21:46:14 EST 2004

In article <363d693e.0409021806.4347802e at posting.google.com>,
 rscanlon at nycap.rr.com (ray scanlon) wrote:

> I know that it is difficult for a man, who has spent his lifetime cataloguing
> trees, to listen when he is told that he is surrounded by a forest.
> Nevertheless, that's the way it is.
> You must try.

What a pompous, patronising attitude.  I hope you enjoy your insular 
world of self-importance - it's clear you are incapable of learning, 
since you already have all the answers.  It's a pity that people who've 
spent their lives studying these things seriously don't agree with you, 
but clearly you're more comfortable with your smug generalisations than 
the hard light of real-world phenomena and evidence.

Please don't bore us with your posturing, we've seen it all before.  If 
you're willing to discuss something seriously, please do so.


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