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> >>>>My experience is that neuroscientists, in general, have no sense of
> >>>>humor.

I have tried to understand, and in the past enjoyed being jokingly serious
(not seriously joking) about explaining (first to myself and then to
others), how we got and get to be how we are.

More precisely, what I tried to generally grasp was:
How, in our individual ontogeny and lifetime, we grow and are influenced
(including by feedback); And how, in phylogeny, our genophenotype evolved
through lifetimes of "selection/evolutionary pressures" that our ancestors
successfully adaptively exploited or 'surfed' (suitably so to speak in case
of "Opportunity type selective/evolutionary pressures") and/or under
"Adversity type selective pressures" successfully proactively subdued (or
fought off), actively evaded (or fled), or Hibernated (with from greatest
possible "Energy-saving Psychosomatic Totality" to most precise possible
'psychosynaptic' selectivity).

It turned out that nearly every one that I hav intercEPTed and presented
with 'memes in/of my mind' were at best "bores".

[These "memes" were and are concepts, and principled intellectual
attitudinal stategies, within/by which I have loosely cemented a madcap
mindfulness of a massive science-aligned philosophical meaning.]

I have proven that almost all people are approximately as hard to "plus"
with my uncouthly unifying, unconventionally complex, complementary, stingy
but still "Philanthropically Oriented, Overview" [the overview
characteristically is expressed as concEPTs steeped in "S_EPT_IC humor"];

Or (by another methanphor) that my concEPTs are as unlikely to be correctly
added-up by people as it is for a 'freshly produced organic fertilizer'
poured into bottomless bore-holes to fill these holes up'.

A few of this non plussed majority even turned out to be arse holes.

But I don't really blame any of them. This since I would have provoced the
Pain in their ASS by asking them (indirectly or directly) to philosophically
accEPT that it is better to conceptualize Janov's concept "Pain" as CURSES
(or alternatively as CCKHHURSSES).

So, by this I (a musician) hope to have conveyed that I can confirm that you
("Traveler") are right. ;->

[The capitalizations can be construed to highlight that I have parasited,
and put "eclectic provocative terminological" spin on, by "Science
Established, Principles, Traditional Interpretations & Conclusions"; And
that I did so in the way of my preferred optimized orchestration of an
'effectively philosophy terminating' (since so encompassingly eclectically
explanatorial) by by concEPTs encapsulated philosophical thinking -- a far
from inEPT thinking that prominantly incorporates some of the ordinarily and
naturally most (commonly) missing anthropobiologically relevant aspects of
What Is going on.]


Partly inspired by MAD (cold war shaming acronym), I arrived at EPT
[e.g: eclectically Explanatory perversely Pert
philosophical Terminology] and by concEPTual lenses/tools saw/grasped how
and why AEVASIVE preoccupations (personalites) normally preclude making
in-dEPTh sense (of themselves).
In the acronym for Ambiadvantageously Evolved Vexed Actention
Selection (System) Involving Various Endorphins, AS(S) stand for how we
think/emote/behave based on our individual repertoire of competing {by
mutual inhibition) whilst cheered and booed {by current and past
environmental influences) "actention modules", & AE refer to the didactic
division of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality into relevant dialectic
lifetime juxtapositions of:
1. Opportunity
2. Adversity - here especially SHITS [Synaptic Hibernation Imploring
{naturally selective AND 'motivating' of selective unconsciousness)
Traumatic {also tardily so) Situations] normally repercussively retained as
CURSES type memory (aka "Pain", à la Janov)

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