the liver and the brain

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Fri Sep 3 16:40:41 EST 2004

On 3 Sep 2004 14:20:46 -0700, zzbunker at netscape.net (ZZBunker) wrote:

>  Since for one, Goedel has proved that the 
>  "precise" "understanding" doesn't exist,
>  in two completely different ways. 
>  It is time-wise inconclusive. 
>  It is space-wise irreducible.
>  Which can be put in micro-biology terms as 
>  what chemisty, in it's entirety, explains
>  about brain function, only explains it
>  in a fairly small region of the universe.

Let' see now.  Kurt Godel wrote a paper demonstrating the existence of
formally undecidable propositions in a system comparable to Principia
Mathematica.  But ZZBunker probably has other things in mind.

Somehow, though, it turns out he is right that chemistry, in its
entirety, does not explain all of brain function. It turns out that a
little physics is needed, also (among other notions).

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