Monkeys can make "comments": World Science article

Raan RaanOne at One.org
Fri Sep 3 21:22:20 EST 2004

Monkeys MAY make comments, not DO make comments.
Which is certainly not to say all comments are made by monkeys.

"Jupiter" <jekluk at aol.com> wrote in message
news:_v6_c.3913$as.1423448 at twister.nyc.rr.com...
> According to this story in World Science, researchers analyzed monkey
> and determined that some of them could only be described as "comments."
> http://www.world-science.net/exclusives/040901_commentfrm.htm
> These were supposedly the first documented monkey calls that appeared to
> make reference to a third party not involved in the vocal exchange. The
> monkeys seemed to be making an observation or a comment about what they
> seeing, the researchers found.

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