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> > > >  And of course "biologists" still don't believe that
> > > >  physics includes a little bit of math (among other notions).
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> > > Worse.  Biologists know all too well that physics requires math, that
> > > is why they avoid it like the plague.  The problem is that too many
> > > biologists still don't believe that biology includes a little bit of
> > > math.
> > 
> >   Biology obviously requires zero math, since Biology
> Actually, if you look back at the book "General Systems Theory"
> written sometime in the 1950s or 60s, you'll see it was written by
> Ludwig von Bertalanfy, who was a "biologist", and who takes credit for
> developing many systems theory ideas as far back as the 1930s - prior
> to the invention of cybernetics. His book is heavy into math, and sets
> up the form of state variable equations that are in wide use in
> engineering and maths/etc, today. Classical stuff.

  That is known in *cybernetics*. but two men named 
  Oppenheimer & Schaefer invented *Systems* Theory.
  What they invented in the 1930's was called 
  *Signal Processing*, not Systems Theory.

  The primary difference is obviously that
  Oppenhiemer & Schaefer happen to also 
  know things about Digital Systems, in addition
  to Analog Sytems, so Bertalanfy et. al. actually invented what's 
  called "Systems" Theory for  Minskys's et. al., ibid.,
  with a Fusion pipeline. Not Real Systems Theory.

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