the liver and the brain

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Wolf Kirchmeir <wwolfkir at sympatico.ca> wrote in message news:<B34%c.8690$lP4.595765 at news20.bellglobal.com>...
> dan michaels wrote:
> [...]After all, who can tell a rat one from another,
> Another rat.

Sorry fella, a rat is not a who. However, elegant worms are rather

OTOH, you should seriously consider the idea that internal
self-regulating homeostatic loops are in there, in order to not just
keep the organism's internal environment relatively stable and the
animal itself viable, given the onslaught from the external
environment, but also to provide a consistent internal environment
[across various members of the species] for the reproductive cycles,
as well as other DNA-mediated processes, to work their magic in.
Organisms need to be not only stable, but ultra-stable. Ashby rules.

About a year ago, I lit a thread to the effect of ... how is it, given
their immense complexity, that brain operation can be so stable? I
don't think I got any replies to that one.

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