First Causes

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>> What's noteworthy in all three instances, however, is that no one ever
>> proved anything regarding first causes
>Is the word causes a spelling mistake?

No. I had some difficulty deciding singular/plural. Of course, there
is only a first cause. But each approach to metaphysics as science has
a different conception of first cause, leading to a choice of plural.

>Anyway its a bit hard to prove. Perhaps its better to say no one can 
>think of a likely scenario that could produce a first cause. All 
>explanations seem to be shifted slightly further back in time. 

It's not hard to prove at all. We don't need scenarios to produce a
first cause. We need a first cause to produce scenarios. In case you
haven't been following prior threads on the subject, all that's
necessary to prove a first cause is the tautological consideration of
the self contradictory nature of alternatives.

Regards - Lester

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