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>>>> The only cause which supplies its own proof as first cause is the idea
>>>> of differences and cognates of differences: negation, contradiction,
>>>> not, etc. and that principle compounded in terms of itself. Neither
>>>> Aristotle's prime mover unmoved nor god is proven of itself. Nor are
>>>> evolution and the natural selection of species proven with respect to
>>>> the categories and transitions between the categories.
>>> The other equally ridiculous idea that you left out is the fairly
>>> recent idea that nothing exists i nthe unvierse without mind making it
>>> so, and that the mind is somehow wrapped up in quantum physics. Some
>>> such gooblediegook.
>>Yet this notion is absolutely correct in the sense that any conscious 
>>experience - from thoughts and emotions to objects seen around you in the 
>>world "out there" including stars and galaxies - are all brain process - 
>>out of convenience called mind - and occuring within your own skull.
>I thought that your own skull was also "out there." IOW, if nothing
>exists but what's in your mind, does your mind also exist within your
>mind? This is the sort of self-referential problems associated with
>extreme solipsism.

Well, the mind is also located within the mind as the result of
differential brain processes defining the mind to begin with.

>As an aside, this is the same sort of illogical self-referential
>nonsense that Godel used to come up with his incompleteness theorem.
>Which really is not a theorem since it is obviously hogwash. That a
>raving lunatic like Godel (a time travel believer) was elevated to the
>status of a god and worshipped by so many "bright" folks is a sad
>commentary on the sorry state of modern scientific philosophy and of
>science in general. Underneath, it's just a house of cards.
>Louis Savain
>Artificial Intelligence From the Bible:

As an aside, stop me if you've heard this one: Bill Clinton, Raquel
Welch, and god are in a lifeboat and Clinton turns to the others and
asks "So, which one of you is god?"  - Revelations 38:24:36

Regards - Lester

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