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On Wed, 8 Sep 2004 16:49:33 +0200, usenet01 at out-of-phase.de (Christian
Wilms) in comp.ai.philosophy wrote:

>Lester Zick <lesterDELzick at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>> Hi Paul - I got the alist from the liver and onions thread which
>> seemed to produce some interesting conversation.
>Among other topics on the unappropriateness of cross posting.
>> However, if algorithm
>> and number crunching persons already know everything they need to know
>> to produce ai, far be it from me to impede product development. When
>> does the rollout take place? On the other hand, if you aren't actually
>> prepared for imminent product rollout, perhaps you should regard a
>> little more seriously those endeavors of which you are not so serious.
>With all due respect, but people interested in the philosophical side of
>AI will subscribe to c.a.p.
>The same goes for b.n: neuroscientests interested in the philosophical
>implications will read the appropriate groups as well. It tends to get
>annoying if people just crosspost there philosophical ramifications into
>any group which "just might fit".

So, as I understand it, ai product rollout isn't scheduled for anytime
in the near or distant future and you'd prefer not to understand why.

Regards - Lester

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