Displacement Representations

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minsky at media.mit.edu (Marvin Minsky) wrote on 11 Sep 2004:

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>> I'm not sure I see the question -
>> by "biological neural network", do you mean a biologically plausible
>> artificial NN?
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>> > I've been exploring neural implementations of displacement
>> > representations. I'm suspicious that Minsky and Papert (1969) implies
>> > that it is very difficult to use a biological neural network to do
>> > vector operations. Any pointers?
>> >
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>Well, It is easy to make analog networks that do matrix-like
>operations, but non-linear networks (e.g., with thresholds) would make
>that rather difficult!  However, what we showed in 1969 was
>non-looping neural networks could not recognize topological features
>of things in was that woulkd be scalable.  And those theorems still
--------------ways that would be scalable (?)
>are true, regardless of improvements in how fast such networks can
>learn the things  that they can learn.

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