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> It could be I have a misunderstanding of what is meant with
> epiphenomenalism. I take it to mean that consciousness, awareness, is
> considered having no causal impact on anything we can observe, i.e. of
> what can be 'the content' of any of our epxeriences. From having no
> impact on a the orbit of the moon when we look at it (I do agree), to
> having no impact on reflexes of body movement like hitting your breaks
> when a person suddenly appears in front of your car (I agree), and
> reflexes of emotion and thought such as when a sudden smell can trigger
> emotions/moods and memories/thoughts.
> It is, indeed, thinkable that every thought, emotion and behaviour that
> we are aware of, are reflexive processes and that the awareness of it
> all is truly epiphenomenal. Volition/free will might be utter illusion,
> but perhaps useful. Somebody who is convinced that volition is an utter
> illusion, might think, feel and behave differently than somebody who
> believes the opposite.

A comment from my favorite (and far from inEPT) "Evolutionary
(neuro)Psychological Type" perspective:

It could be that what consciousness - both (at the level of) feeling or
emotional consciousness and (at the level of) cognitive or
language-associated/dependent consciousness - is good for, and hence why it
has tended to be "naturally selected for" (whilst of course being
fundamentally physically possible due to, obviously in some sense existing,
fundamental physical laws) could be that it promotes survival by acting as a
glue for social cohesion.

More specifically, the ability (shared amongst near enough phylogenetically
related individuals) to feel that _oneself_ is part of a group or society (a
selectively environment-including whilst self-referential brain-state) will
trump a competing troup of less emotionally and cognitively aware
genophenotypes any day!

And, BTW, I share your attitude to volition/free will.

With regards,


Partly inspired by MAD (cold war shaming acronym), I arrived at EPT
[e.g: eclectically Explanatory perversely Pert
philosophical Terminology] and by concEPTual lenses/tools saw/grasped how
and why AEVASIVE preoccupations (personalites) normally preclude making
in-dEPTh sense (of themselves).
In the acronym for Ambiadvantageously Evolved Vexed Actention
Selection (System) Involving Various Endorphins, AS(S) stand for how we
think/emote/behave based on our individual repertoire of competing {by
mutual inhibition) whilst cheered and booed {by current and past
environmental influences) "actention modules", & AE refer to the didactic
division of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality into relevant dialectic
lifetime juxtapositions of:
1. Opportunity
2. Adversity - here especially SHITS [Synaptic Hibernation Imploring
{naturally selective AND 'motivating' of selective unconsciousness)
Traumatic {also tardily so) Situations] normally repercussively retained as
CURSES type memory (aka "Pain", à la Janov)

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