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> >>> This sounds like amazing research... they're discovering where in the
>  brain dreams are produced
> >>> http://www.world-science.net/newspg2/040910_dreamfrm.htm
> >
> > If you read the work of dreaming/brain researchers like Alan Hobson,
> > you will see that MANY brain areas are involved in dreaming, and thus
> > it is highly likely that numerous areas are critical to the production
> > of dreaming, and destroying any of those areas or pathways would be
> > likely to result in problems producing dreaming.  To sum up, the angle
> > of the investigators on this ONE case seems a bit simplistic.
> Yes, but still it is definitive in that this damaged area of the brain 
> *directly* contributed to either her a) inability to dream or b) her 
> inability to recall having a dream.

Yes, I got that, but what I'm saying is that it is that there are
possibly MANY such areas that could *directly* contribute to either of
those effects.  In fact, I have seen reports of that very thing
involving *other* brain areas in the past (not going to take the time
to go dig them up right now).


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