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Khendradm khendradm at aol.com
Sat Sep 25 00:31:12 EST 2004

It is often difficult to find clear answers to questions regarding mental

For instance, I simply have not been able to find much of anything on why I am
so good with the written word in most forms (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and
so forth) and yet so utterly incompetent in areas like spatial awareness and
motor coordination (I am almost 20 and still have not obtained a driver's
license; swimming and bike-riding lessons as a child were hopeless).

Certain conditions like Asperger's Syndrome, Dyspraxia, and Nonverbal Learning
Disorder address problems like physical awkwardness and poor visual-spatial
abilities, but they also REQUIRE that people with said conditions have some
severe language problem!  I don't have ANY severe language problems.  I can
understand the abstract and write with exceptional organizational coherency
(something in which people with AS, Dyspraxia, and NLD are supposed to be VERY
weak), and in spite of my definite tendency toward introversion, I am not
completely clueless in understanding nonverbal social cues.  I can interact
normally with people.

I have read that women tend to have problems in the area of spatial awareness,
but I do not know why this is from a brain/neuroscientific standpoint.  And
while that generalized gender difference may offer more hope in explaining my
mental tendencies than AS, Dyspraxia, and NLD, there are other gender studies
that don't apply to me at all.  Example: I read that women are supposed to be
better at multi-tasking than men due to better information processing between
the two hemispheres at the corpus callosum, but I am absolutely TERRIBLE at
multi-tasking; I'd say my multi-tasking abilities are about as bad as my other
areas of mentioned weakness (and trust me, those are awful).

Is there anyone here who can perhaps shed some light on the things I've posted?


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