[Neuroscience] Re: Could any one givemen some information regarding the role of Dopamine in learing.

SJM Guzman jose.guzman at medizin-uni-leipzig.de
Tue Dec 6 07:56:03 EST 2005

Hi Thomas:

The publication is really interesting, but I think one of the most 
important things about prefrontal cortex is left... that's the anatomy. 
The literature about it is confuse and not clear, and I find no clue 
about the connecitons between different cell types and layers in the 
prefrontal cortex....

I am also working on Dopamine role in learning in mPFC, but for me it's 
not yet clear the layer funcionality and connection....
...do you have an idea?


tehgabriel at web.de wrote:
> Try this one:
> Cohen J.D., Braver T.S. & Brown J.W. (2002) Computational perspectives
> on dopamine function in prefrontal cortex. Current Op. in Neurobiology
> 12:223-229
> It doesn't focus on dopamine (DA) and learning but gives a very short
> general overview about dopamine function. The references include some
> standard publications concerning DA & learning.
> Regards,
> Thomas


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