[Neuroscience] Re: Question about Frontal Cortex

Brian.D.Duryee briandd at broadpark.no
Sun Dec 25 18:29:58 EST 2005

Isn't the frontal lobe characterized for decision-making tasks? Secondly, do 
a search for Paul Broca. Maybe it will give some insight, though he (Broca) 
found out more on pathways concerning human speech (as in verbal 
expression). My guess is that restraints would be temporalily lost as well 
as making coherent speech, though I might be wrong.


"Radium" <glucegen1 at excite.com> skrev i melding 
news:1135482370.612144.130860 at g49g2000cwa.googlegroups.com...
> Hi:
> What symptoms would I experience if communication between my frontal
> cortex and the rest of my brain was temporarily lost?
> Thanks,
> Radium

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