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Saying that 'time' is physically-real
is like saying that "measurement is

"Measurement" is something that can
be done. The act of doing it is phys-

"How long is that shtick?"

"A meter."

Oh, I see. A meter shtick."

"Meters" have no physically-real ex-
istence. They're mental-constructs
that define an agreed upon measure-
ment of "distance".

Is "distance" physically-real?

Yes and no.

Yes because physical reality occupies
space in 3 spatial "dimensions", but
no because, since the universe is ex-
panding no "distance" is ever exactly
the same from one 'instant' to the

Critic: "But I thought you said that
time doesn't exist. Now you're say-
ing that the dimensions of space
vary as a function of time?"


The expansion of the universe is due,
in it's entirety, to the one-way flow
of energy, form order to disorder,
that is what's =described= by 2nd
Thermo [WDB2T]. Energy 'con-
tained' within a cubic "meter" is more-
ordered than the same energy when
it's 'contained' within a cubic "kilo-
meter", so, when I said that "dist-
ance" increases as the universe ex-
pands, all that's happening is that is
that the overall energy-density of
the universe is decreasing, which is
WDB2T. There's no 'time' in-there.

Critic: "But, if space is just energy,
and it expands, and your meter
shtick is just energy, then it must
also expand as space expands, so
the distance your meter shtick meas-
ures remains the same."

Nope the mental construct, "meter",
remains the same. The shtick expands
in 3-D [in a way that's commensurate
with local WDB2T].

It's the same with non-physically-real

Critic: "Hold on there! Experiments
have verified that the speed of light
is constant."

How can it be?

"Speed" is "distance" per 'second'.

But the universe is expanding, so
"distance" is never the same from
one 'instant' to the 'next', so saying
that SOL is "constant" actually says
nothing be-cause "distance" is nev-
er "constant".

Critic: "But what about what the ex-
periments have verified?"

What the experiments have Verified
is that energy =flows=, and that there
is a universal low energy-density that
cannot be decreased, except by the
expansion of the universe, itself. This
happens be-cause energy just flows
in the direction in which it's most free
to flow, and, in doing this, energy
maintains the universal low energy-
density. So, when energy is pushed
at the so-called "speed of light", in-
stead of moving in the direction of
the "push", energy just moves in any
other direction in which it's more-free
to move, which is why nothing can
travel at a "speed" greater than the
"speed of light".

There's no 'time' in-there.

Just energy, flowing.

Critic: "What does any of this have
to do with the way the brain works?"

I'm making a 'point' about how nerv-
ous systems experience physical reality.

They "make-up" a lot of stuff that
they, then, use as "guides" in their
co-operating within physical reality.

Critic: "Co-operating?"

Yeah. All there is is energy.

Anything 'the' body does can only
co-operate with the 3-D energy-dyn-
amics that exist where 'the' body exists.

For instance, if the body encounters
a concrete wall, the body cannot walk
through it. The "concrete wall" is just
energy 'contained' in 'atoms'. So, it's
necessary for the body to have some
way to "know" how to co-operate
with the energy in the 'atoms' that
comprise the stuff of the wall.

And it does this =solely= in the "lang-
uage" of energy-gradients.

k. p. collins

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