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| > | Predicted in 1985: Dehydroepiandrosterone Monotherapy in Midlife-Onset
| > | Major and Minor Depression Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2005;62:154-162
| > |
| > | In 1985 I first suggested low dehydroepiandrosterone may result in
| > | depression.  ("A Theory of the Control of the Ontogeny and Phylogeny
| > | of Homo sapiens by the Interaction of Dehydroepiandrosterone and the
| > | Amygdala," Copyright 1985, James MichaPredicted el Howard,
| > | Fayetteville, Arkansas, Registration Number TXu 220 580).
| >
| >
| > I suppose there are some, but I've never
| > encountered a single instance of a "de-
| > pressed" dog [or a "depressed" gelding].
| Ken,
| Only a person with a crippled
| (e.g. due to adverse conditioning)
| capacity to perceive could say such a thing.

Sorry to inform you that you're mis-

=Honestly=, if a dog's "depressed', the
no dog has ever shown such around me.

I explained while I was writing my post,
quoted above, but erased the explanation
before I "sent" it -- 'cause I didn't want to
have to deal with folks' 'knee-jerking'.

Dogs don't carry around the sorts of "bag-
gage" that Humans do -- you know -- the
results of 'gossip' that instantiates "self-fulfilling
prophecies" that Ravage Lives, no matter what
one does to disspell the Falseness of the 'gossip'.

I understand the difference, so dogs just
"like" me. Back when I was a Kid, the
dogs in my neighborhood used to 'finagle' to
see which one of them would accompany
me during my daily morning-paper-route
adventures, during which I was in continual
communication with whichever dog made
the seven-mile treck with me.

I had a favorite, "Prince", a gangly mutt,
with a Joyful spirit. Prince and me would
just "joke" with each other, and the morn-
ing's work just zipped-right-by. Then I'd
sneak a couple of slices of baloney, and
go, with Prince, into a nearby empty lot,
and lay down on the ground next to him,
giving him little pieces of the coldcuts, talk-
ing to him, and petting him. It was one of
those 'magical boy-and-a-dog things.

Prince was a small dog. All he had in
him was Joi di Vie. He didn't know how
to fight, or even what fighting was.

Two of the other dogs Killed him one
day while he was accompanying me as
I was collecting the week's Newspaper
receipts from my customers.

One of those dogs had 'just' been made-
Malicious by it 'owner'. The other was a
dog that was also dear to me. And, after
that, I never again allowed him to accomp-
any me.

Maybe he got "depressed", but, since he
and I didn't "hang-out" any longer, I don't

No dog is ever "depressed" in my presence.

I know how to lift-them-up out of all such

And they Loved me because I'd work that
'magic' in-them. And I liked being Loved
by them.

One friend had a dog that'd get so excited
she'd pee-the-floor when I showed up :-]

I Love dogs, and just don't allow them
to be "depressed" in my presence. Of
course, sometimes they're "stand-off-ish",
but, then, I just "go-slow" with them,
like the pitbull who lives doen the street
from me these 'days'. We're good friends,
'now', and, when she's out when I walk
by, she always comes over to the fence
so I can scratch her back. She's extreme-
ly-intelligent. Has a Loving Owner.

| Of course there are sad and depressed
| animals!

=Never= such a Dog when I'm around.


It's not only Easy to tell "depression" to
'go away' from a dog. It's Fun, all-around.

The dogs always communicate, "At last!
Someone who understands!" Then they
just frolick with me -- 'cause we both
understand that being-Alive is Wonder-
ous, and "Why waste such, when there're
walks to walk, treats to share, discoveries
to be made, and, most-importantly, Ac-
knowledged. "Good boy! Prince, thanks
for warning me about that skunk. Good
boy! Good boy!" And Prince would wag
his tail like crazy, and dance all around
me as I walked.

I Learned alot, from dogs, about what
'humans' do to one another. [Some of
them merit footnotes re. NDT's develop-
ment :-]

Have been Honored to Know some Gen-
ius-Dogs, too -- like "Sandy", a Dog
that I've written about in the past.

I Understand what "depression" is, too.
It's in AoK, Ap8, so you can too. The
way most folks 'see' it is a Dreadful-
Error that "locks-folks-up", instead of
setting-them-free, which is what what's
been referred to as "depression" is act-
ually all about.

Don't "anthropomorphize" with respect
to "Dogs" with me. You'll get nowhere.

I =Know Truth= re. Dogs.

k. p. collins 

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