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| > | "Brains" do their stuff at room temperature,
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| > Whoops -- make that  "body temperature",
| > precisely-controlled, to great effect, as in
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| > k. p. collins
| Perhaps you would like to make a start with explaining experimentally verified
| the Bell Inequalities using your model.


I already did all of that 'years' ago.

The so-called "quantum" effects are
all just the one-way flow of energy,
from order to disorder, that is what's
=described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

The so-called "inequalities" are invoked
as "sustaining" "quantum weridness" -- 
"spooky action at a distance" and 'know-
ing before the fact", but that's all just BS,
be-cause WDB2T is =there= all along,
and the 'inequalities' just disclose that it's
there, and the test 'particles' just "ride"

The 'problem' has been that folks doing
Physics have not comprehended the way
that nervous systems, including their own,
process "information", which leaves them
vulnerable to groupwise-coercion that
disctates that the mis-taken "fashion" of
'physics' "must be adhered to".

"To hell with actually understanding physi-
cal reality."


It's why I so-Revere Dr. Einstein. He
never caved-in to such 'dictates', in-
stead, to his Passing, always doing what
a Physicist is called-upon to do -- Honor
Truth, as Dr. Einstein did in his "Miracle
Year", 100 'years' ago.

Honest, no one can come up with =any-
thing= in existing Experiment that isn't
already reified within Tapered Harmony,
and, there, reduced to WDB2T.

I wouldn't be "bothering" folks with it
if that wasn't the case.

k. p. collins 

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