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| All of the so-called "4 forces" are unified
| within Tapered Harmony, and reduced to
| WDB2T, for instance.
| [...]

I've discussed all that's entailed, reiteratively,
in long-former posts. There are folks who
are 'afraid' of it, so I'll not do so, again, here.

But it should be Safe for me to make a point
with respect to "particle" Physics.

When two SSW<->UES harmonics slam
together in an accelerator, their interaction
is completely Determined by the local
WDB2T that's set as a function of the ac-
celerator's power.

When the "particles" dis-integrate, the motions
of the detritus is Determined by the flowing of
the energy that's released from its 'containment'
within the two SSW<->UES harmonics that
have collided -- somewhat like the way that the
flowing of the air that's compressed within a bal-
loon Determines the displacements of the frag-
ments of the balloon's encapsulating membrane
as the balloon explodes. It's rubbery-membrane
fragments don't just go in 'random' Directions.
They =all= go in directions that are Determined
by the flowing of the formerly-compressed air
back into the 'normal'-air-pressure surround.
And this's all =exact=. The flowing of the form-
erly-compressed air down the pressure-gradient
inherent can be =exactly= mapped by calculat-
ing back from the motions of the membrane-
fragments [with the additional encumberance
that derives in the fact that the rubbery-mem-
brane's stuff also has it's own intrinsic elast-

Soap bubbles form as 'spherical' sections for
the same reason -- the air [or whatever gas]
within them moves so that it's "freedom" is
maximized, and that results in 'spherical' stuff,
with boundaries always meeting at 120 deg-
rees, which divies-up the 360 degrees of a
Circle exactly, which shares the available
freedom-to-move amongst neighboring bub-
bles exactly, which is 'just' WDB2T. And,
when a bubble bursts, that's 'just' WDB2T,
too, and the remaining bubbles rapidly al-
ter their 'spherical' "conformations" to max-
imize the freedom-to-move of the gasses
'contained' within them, which is all 'just'
WDB2T, too.

When one looks at =ANYTHING= with-
in physical reality, if one knows about
WDB2T, one sees that it's what empowers
=EVERYTHING= that's going-on in-there.

It's =Simple=, but Exceedingly-Powerful,
and, therefore, Useful with respect to coaxing
Science to 'move toward' Truth.

Which is what Science is Professed to do.

So why do folks 'move away from' Tapered
Harmony's Reification of WDB2T's acting-

And why do folks 'move away from me' when
I lay Tapered Harmony's understanding at
their feet?

For the Answer to that Q, see NDT :-]

Where Physics went-Wrong was in the
'Tweeners that it carried-forward out of Ancient
efforts to understand physical reality -- like
the belief that "particles must be" little "solid
balls" that're, somehow, "just energy", but
which "cannot" be transformed into "just
energy" -- instead of seeing Truth that's, 'now'
Reified in TH, that interactions of energy ex-
hibit giving-and-taking in which first one quant-
ity of energy is dominant, then the other, with-
in =Continuous= energy-flowing -- which, if
a meter only detects energy-flow in one direct-
ion, gives the =Illusion= of there 'being part-
icles' in-there, even though all there is in-there
is =Continuous= energy-flow, even 'within'
the SSW<->UES harmonics that 'contain'
energy 'in' what've been referred to as "atoms".

No one can bring anything up that hasn't al-
ready been reduced to 'just' WDB2T in
Tapered Harmony.

You know -- "It's as a flood."

There's so much work that's made not only
Possible, but Easy by, and so much New
opportunity inherent in, this Reification with
respect to =everything= that exists within
physical reality that my jaw hangs down
when folks 'move away from' doing what it

So I "give-folks-the-rasberries" with respect
to the way that they allow 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization to 'Dictate' to them what
it is that they 'can see'.

[There's a Sinister 'side', inherent'. There're
some who've long-understood what's in TH,
and who're still trying to 'gain advantage' by
taking TH's stuff and working with it 'in-priv-
ate -- "before it's stuff becomes generally-

That always has been, and remains, Totally-

k. p. collins 

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