On Doing what Needs to be Done

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Doing nothing, in the face of Evil,
"sanctions" the Evil.

So I post these 'Difficult' msgs.

And folks' find my doing so "reprehensible".

But =everything= that I'm writing about ex-
ists, in =everyone's= midst, doing what it
does -- for only =one= 'reason' -- folks
don't understand how and why it arises
within 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimi-

It 'creeps-auound', unchallenged, wreak-
ing its Havoc within folks' Lives, and, be-
cause, it's "taboo" to discuss it, folks are
'forbidden' to understand it, so it goes
right on Ravaging Humanity.

So "talking about it" is just stuff that needs
to be done.

So that folks can understand.

So that they can, then, stop "doing-nothing"
in the face of Evil that arises within the
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
that occurs within =EVERYONE's= nerv-
ous system.

There's nothing to "cringe from" in any of
this -- 'cause it's all been out-there, Rav-
aging Humanity since the Beginning, and
it's Ravaging Humanity =still=.

Yes, it's 'Difficult'.

But all of the Real Difficulty is right-there,
all-around, in everyone's Living.

Talking about it, and how and why it arises
within nervous systems doesn't, somehow,
give it "existence".

It exists.

And the thing to do is =Eliminate= it.

It's =Unworthy= of the existence it's allowed
by everyone's 'moving away from' under-
standing it.

It exists =because= folks don't understand it.

So, in these 'Difficult' posts, I give folks
the means to understand it -- so that, under-
standing it, folks can lift themselves up out
of it's 'blindly'-automated Savagery.

Anyway, what I'm actually trying to say is
that I'm =NOT= working to 'expose' folks.

I'm working to =Free= folks from that
which Preys upon Humanity.

And why it's 'Difficult' is that that which
Preys upon Humanity exists within all of
us -- because it had gone uncomprehended.

So the thing to do is to understand it, no?


And, to do that, it's necessary to talk about
it, right in the light-of-day.

Doing so is a Goodness.

Not doing so Sanctions its Evil.

It's only 'Difficult' be-cause =it= is the 'fam-
iliar' stuff, and the understanding that is its
antithesis remains the 'unfamiliar' stuff.

The only way to "invert" this "inside-out,
upside-doen, and backward" stuff that
Ravages Humanity is to =just= under-
stand it.

Toward that end, it's necessary to talk about

You know -- to =Communicate= what it is,
and how and why it gains its existence.

To do anything else Sanctions it.

k. p. collins 

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