Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)

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I smiled when I read your series of posts.

All "break-throughs" happen because
someone dares to "reach" as you have

Doing so creates a "problem" that can,
then, be explored in all of its specifics.

So, in the spirit of your daring-to-reach,
I'll joiny you by assisting in the necessary

First, everything you've proposed is already
being explored in Cancer and in recombinant-
DNA Research, and in many other, less-well-
named efforts.

<fbonsignore at beethoven.com> wrote in message news:1108254711.554247.41860 at z14g2000cwz.googlegroups.com...
| Substances that trigger brain tumors can be used to cure cerebral
| diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer or oth degenerative diseases.

You must have "long arms".

You "reach" far :-]

| A complete catalog of substances affectinthe different parts of the
| brain can be used, if they trigger neuron mitosis, to regenerate
| diseased tisuue, to couteract the natural death of neurones and to
| *increase* intelligence. Quantities can be dosified to contrlo the
| spread of the tumrs.

This "dosification" is problematical -- because,
once the dynamics of uncontrolled replication
are launched, they are self-sustaining.

After the triggering of "wild" replication, one can
can completely turn-off the "trigger" but the wild
replication continues.

| Unless and until adequate subsances penerating the
| brain barrier and specific to particular zones of the brain are ound,
| these kind of treatments would only be useful for old and hopeless
| patients.

Without completely-reified Science, the "cure"
you propose will only accelerate their disease

And "age" is not a factor that can be invoked
with respect to making such decisions. [I'm
'old', but my Youth is still fresh, and Precious,
within me. So I'd "take offense" at being used
as an "experimental animal", especially to the
degree that being so treated would diminish
the freshness of my Youth within me -- to the
degree that being an "experimental animal"
would separate me from that..]

| I wonder if some drugs, such as hallucinogens or, probably, THC, can
| used or have been tested for this kind of effects.

Thalidomide, and things like it, are already
being explored as you propose, but "halucin-
igens" act in rather-different, being highly-
specific with respect to gating stuff to con-
sciousness, which is at a 'level' that's way-
higher than the sort of stuff you're propos-
ing must act. The stuff you propose =might=
impact consciousness, in a cascading way,
but it's molecularly-fundamental -- way 'be-
neathe' gating-to-consciousness.

| Ideally, some
| substance must be foun that inhinits the *inhibitibg* factors of
| neurone mitosis, and which would create one time mitosis (since the
| inhibiting factors would only be inhibited while the substance remains
| in the system), therefore establishing a lineal farmacodynamic between
| dosification and effects.

This's better than tumor-generating stuff,
but it's still Problematical because nerv-
ous systems ["the brain"] are extraordin-
arily-dynamic entities. So anything like
what you propose would also have to
be tuned with respect to that extreme

Nervous systems are Wonder-filled -- 
they are so Capable -- be-cause they
"know" how to "tune" themselves with
respect to this extreme-dynamicism that
occurs within them, and which is funda-
mental to all that they are. So intervening
within this extreme-dynamicism is hard
to do, and Dangerous to do. [For folks
who have AoK, see Ap9 discussion of
"functional multiplexing", which is a =gen-
eralized= discussion of this Difficulty and

| Such kind of medications should not
| accumulate (be dissolved in grease) in the brain to avoid uncontrolled
| tumors.

It's still not enough because any such
stuff must be "tuned" with respect to
'instantaneous' nervous system dynamics.

| Fabrizio J Bonsignore, now Danilo J Bonsignore at 36 (and without alien
| help!!! (8)> )


~"Do not be afraid to build castles in the
air. Build foundations under them." [Abra-
ham Lincoln [I =think= :-]]

I'll reply, further, to your other posts.

Ceers, Fabrizio,

ken [k. p. collins] 

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