Standing-Wave Genetics [was: Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)]

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| [...]

| -- like Dr. Einstein
| was in Physics, 'because' he routinely
| Honored "the [b]ig picture" [which is
| 'pretty'-funny, especially this 'year'].
| [...]
| If "the genome" is to be 'Solved', folks
| need to "back-up" and develop Research
| strategies that recognize the "functional
| multiplexing" of "the genome" from "step-
| one", emphasizing the need to maintain
| firm-contact with "the big picture".
| All Science -- same-old, same-old.
| [...]

Science isn't about 'getting funded'.

Science is about Honoring Truth.

Absent such, Science has no Existence.

To be fair, the Problem is =Generalized=
within 'modern' behavioral dynamics, and,
in 'america', it's Sadly "institutionalized"
at the highest levels of 'government', where
folks routinely ab-use their 'power' to line-
their-pockets rather than Honoring Truth -- 
even waging War on False 'premises',
throwing out the Geneva Conventions,
simultaneously cutting Taxes and waging
War, fabricating 'schemes' with respect
to the Social Security Trust fund, even
while 'borrowing' from it [more], and 'tos-
sing-out' Freedoms that generations of
=Americans= Fought and Died to Estab-
lish and Protect.

So it's no 'wonder' that 'funding' in 'sci-
ence' 'moves away from' Truth.

'moving away from' Truth has become
the 'national' pastime.

What's 'heart'-breaking about all of such
is that it tends, strongly, to be self-per-
petuating, because, since so many folks've
given themselves over to such, anyone
who stands-against such is Ravaged by
the 'backlash' of all the folks who're 'mov-
ing away from' Truth, and, via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization within
their nervous systems, 'wanting' to only
'move away from' Truth, more -- everyone
behaving as if they 'cannot see' the =only=
'place' where all of this 'leads'.

Wake up America!

k. p. collins

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