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| The thread was "Darwin, Evolution, the Animal Kingdom, and Man". John
| pointed to work on heat shock proteins and genomic variation, and later to
| the role of tandem repeats in "rapid" evolution.

I followed your [and John's] lead to do a
PubMed search on "heat shock proteins"
and found 1008 pages of articles dating
back to ~1975.


They're responsive to cellular "stressors",
like heat :-]

I've read only a little, and it seems that
these things are within the realm of what
I've been referring to as "NL-P Medicine".

That is, I don't think they're only "shock
absorbers" but active-tuners of the cellular

"Functional multiplexers".

FWIW, anybody.

[I'd heard the term before I read Michael's
post, but had never read anything about
them. I work from the Topology, making
predictions based on the Topology, and
how it orders 3-D energydynamics [of
course, having studied the neural Topology
intensely, and general Biology at a "Basic"
'level' -- know the Basics of cellular struc-
ture and constituents, and knew that pre-
vailing conceptualizations were not-it].

So, in my "NL-P Medicine" discussions,
I "predicted" the existence of stuff like
these "heat shock proteins" from the
3-D energydynamics, specifically, with re-
spect to the means that experience is rig-
orously-coupled to the genetic material,
which is the general Problem that I work
on in Neuroscience.

It all happens -- it's all rigorously-ordered -- 
 at all scales, via the "nonlinear perspective"
[NL-P] stuff that's briefly discussed in AoK,

Found some other stuff while I was search-
ing. It's all so Sorrowfully-'hilarious'. Kind
of like a "great-sucking sound" :-|

Man Oh Man! If folks only understood the
depths to which the NL-P stuff is flat-out

[Sorry. I've "got to" leave it 'cryptic'. No
"slamming-doors" on my end -- except
those that "slam" with respect to 'me' :-]

k. p. collins 

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