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> We need a new newsgroup called alt.neuroscience.
> It is such an important topic.
> That such does not exist is astonishing.

I agree.

If that NG existed it could occasionally relieve the burden 
put on bionet.neuroscience when my EPT thinking and concEPTs 
are promoted by 'EIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty. 
[EIMC short for EPT Insights, or EPT-aligned Ideas, 
Marketed Conspicuously]. 

Or, when *I* feel like explaining EPT [my philosophically optimized overview of/outlook on 
What Is going on], or explain some of my concEPTs, I could make a choice for the 
same relief to be provided. %-}
Examples of concEPTs: 

"SHITS" [-type selective situations/pressures retained 
and accumulated as] "CURSES"[-type memories handled, 
and compactly explained why and how they are handled, by way of] AEVASIVE. 

AEVASIVE is an approximate and very abbreviated representation of the 
innate and automatically learnt and largely unconscious 
neuropsychophysiological and behavioral means and methods that 
this pragmatically built acronym is explained as having "Ambi-advantageously Evolved"; 

AEVASIVE also represent the aspects of our phenotype that have 
evolved by force of the corresponding, logically inevitable and very much evident 
(in human behavior and psychologies, and in the form of neuroscientific facts), 
"selection trend" (in the phylogeny of fauna); 

A clearly and widely represented evolutionary trend in the direction of 
(and as a matter of EPT principle) "ambi-advantageous" adaptations 
centrally brain functions and their psychobehavioral that reflect a 
phylogeny in which individual mutations/mutants 
that proved to be best for/at meeting selective challenges by 
lifetime situations where SHITS come CURSES type 
adversity (type selection pressures) have crucially coincided_  with one 
or more Opportunity type ditto. 


Partly inspired by MAD (cold war shaming acronym), I arrived at EPT
[e.g: eclectically Explanatory perversely Pert
philosophical Terminology] and by concEPTual lenses/tools saw/grasped how
and why AEVASIVE preoccupations (personalities) normally preclude making
in depth sense (of themselves).
In the acronym for Ambi-advantageously Evolved, 'any of 3 V-words', 
Actention Selection (System) Involving (amongst else but most instructively) 
Various "Endoopiates", AS(S) stands for how we
think/emote/behave based on our individual repertoire of competing {by
mutual inhibition) whilst cheered and booed {by current and past
environmental influences) "actention modules", & AE refer to the didactic
division of the Evolutionary Pressure Totality into relevant dialectic
lifetime juxtapositions of:
1. Opportunity
2. Adversity - here especially SHITS [Synaptic Hibernation Imploring
{naturally selective AND 'motivating' of selective unconsciousness)
Traumatic {also tardily so) Situations] normally repercussively retained as
CURSES type memory aka "Pain" (Janov)

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