Daltonism and babies's vision.

Paul Masurel paul.zzmasurel at inria.fr
Mon Jan 3 06:19:43 EST 2005

I might try and experiment something about neural networks applied in
computer science, and the view of a neurologist might be very helpful to

- Is daltonism an hereditary disease? Are its cause well known?

- What are new born babies physiologically able to see? What do they seem
to be able to see?
(Can they follow an object? For example can they achieve a smooth/tracking-movement with their eye?)

- Is there a case of a newborn baby being unexposed to light during his
first few days, and grow up blind or, remained blind for a few days?

Please forgive my english. I'd be even more glad if some experts
living near Paris would accept to have an interview with me.


PS: remove the z from the email address.

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