Tsunami Neuroscience

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On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 18:52:35 GMT, "kenneth collins"
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>The Sorrow that's been in the News makes
>me 'wish' that there was a Report that anal-
>yzed the waveform of the Indian Ocean
>Tsuanmi [with, of course, a 'full' availability
>of 'all' correlated data].
>If [when] this is done, it will be found that
>the Tusanami was exactly analogous to the
>SSW<->UES harmonics' dynamics that
>I've discussed in long-former posts here in
>bionet.neuroscience --


I won't comment on the analogy with your own neurodynamics, but google
on "tsunami hydrodynamics" for some details about the oceanographic

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