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Tsunami Neuroscience

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Jan 4 11:30:09 EST 2005

"r norman" <rsn_ at _comcast.net> wrote in message news:j6ojt0pmhp127ec40q4tbgtj5vf9qce406 at 4ax.com...
| On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 18:52:35 GMT, "kenneth collins"
| <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
| >The Sorrow that's been in the News makes
| >me 'wish' that there was a Report that anal-
| >yzed the waveform of the Indian Ocean
| >Tsuanmi [with, of course, a 'full' availability
| >of 'all' correlated data].
| >
| >If [when] this is done, it will be found that
| >the Tusanami was exactly analogous to the
| >SSW<->UES harmonics' dynamics that
| >I've discussed in long-former posts here in
| >bionet.neuroscience --
| <snip>
| I won't comment on the analogy with your own neurodynamics, but google
| on "tsunami hydrodynamics" for some details about the oceanographic
| variety.

I gave it a quick look. The problem
that's gotten my interest is not rep-

It is, "Where does the energy that
empowers seismic events come

Seismic events flat-out disclose that
there's a building-to-energy-thresholds
that, when crossed, yield catastrophic
releases of energy -- it's a bit analogous
to the building-to-threshold that occurs
in neurons -- in neurons, the "catas-
trophic energy release" occurs as an
"action potential" :-]

Anyway, if there's a building-to-energy-
threshold, there has to be an energy-
flow that empowers such, and that's
the probem that's gained my interest.

And it is an interesting Problem because
one can see, right-off, that, no matter
what the energy source is, everything
reduces to WDB2T.

There's always evidence of energy-dis-
tribution differentials -- non-unifirm en-
ergy distributions -- which are easily
seen to constitute relatively-ordered
conditions -- and, when seismic events
occur, some of this non-uniformity is
lost because some of the formerly non-
uniformly-distributed energy is released,
and it flows to yield a post-seismic-
event energy-distribution that is more
uniformly-distributed relative to the
pre-seismic-event energy-distribution.
The shattered buildings, bridges,
streets, etc., strewn in disorder all
around the epicenter of an earthquake
literally constitute a picture of energy's
having flowed toward uniformity.

And it's easy to see that, since seismic
events recur, there's a continuous
energy-flow that empowers the
building-to-energy-thresholds that
precipitate seismic events.

So what I want to Know is what
that energy-flow is and where it
comes from.

The sorts of dynamics that're in-
volved are like the interaction of
Sun's radiated energy and water -- 
as the latter is lifted-up via evap-
oration, 'stored' in the atmosphere,
and then released [which also oc-
currs in rigorous accord with a
crossing of an energy-threshold]
and redeposited on land, The net
repositioning of the water is a net
redistribution of mass, so, in
these dynamics, there's =some= of
what empowers seismic events -- 
because 'gravity' acts with respect
to mass, and when mass is redistrib-
uted 'gravity's action is redistributed,
which instantiates a force-differential
that contributes to the energy-flow
that builds-to-threshold, yielding
seismic events.

What I've been doing is "ticking-
off" all of the possible contribu-
tions to this building-to-threshold.

And, so far, everything obviously
reduces to the one thing -- WDB2T -- 
even the 'nuclear' energydynamics
that're involved can =easily= be
seen to reduce to WDB2T because
energy is =radiated= away from Sun,
so, obviously, Sun is going from a
ordered ;state' to a relatively-disorder-
ed 'state'.

It's a really-Fun Problem to work
on, and a pretty good "test" of one's
ability to see physical reality -- be-
cause =everything= treated in Physics
is involved.

My analysis is already a the size of
a "book" :-] [I've not written it all
down, yet. Just working in the ol'
noggin' lab.]

Anyway, that's why there's nothing
on Google[tm] that meets my needs.

As usual, I'm "looking-elsewhere"
at what's in the problem.

[I turned to this problem because I'm
sick as a dog [think it's the infamous
"flu"], and the other stuff I usually
work on requires more energy-expend-
iture that I can muster, just 'now'.]

Cheers, Dr. Norman, ken [k. p. collins]

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