Man! This 'flu' is Brutal!

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Fri Jan 7 14:40:36 EST 2005

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| When I had the flu, and survived, I developed a craving for
| meat. I ate three huge roasts in a week.
| These days I would not survive (they let me get the shot).
| --
| Best,
| Frederick Martin McNeill
| [...]

Hi Frederick, I'm partial to "huge roasts", but
don't know how to prepare one. [Don't have
a working stove, anyway.]

Best I can pull-off is throw some stuff in a
"Crock Pot"[tm], let it simmer, "Tastes good
to me" :-]

Mostly I eat "bland" stuff 'cause that's what I
can afford. No matter what it is, I put Tobasco[tm]
on it :-]

It's probably a big part of my appetite-loss
during this "flu" experience.

Bland-stuff that one can't even smell is =revolt-
ingly=  "bland" :-]

Luckily, I had a jar of jalopeno's on-hand :-]

Cheers, ken

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