Man! This 'flu' is Brutal!

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| It turns your repiratory system into
| something akin to "clay", so when
| you cough all that happens is like
| two carpenter's files having a fight
| down-there.
| Headache, loss of appetite, congested
| sinuses, dry, 'itchy' eyes. Fever. Chills.
| Just now, the aching in my musculature
| is so extreme that I can't sit or sleep
| without the aching lifting-me-out-of-it.
| Didn't help that we had a storm today,
| and I had to go out to move my car,
| getting soaked by the freezing-rain.

ADMONITION: what I'll discuss is
still very-rough, so no one should take
it as if it's verified.

It might be "nothing", but last 'night' I
forced myself to stay in bed, "tossing and
turning", trying to find a position that min-
imized the pain -- "at least to rest". I didn't
fall asleep until my body had become com-
pletely-warmed. This 'morning' when I got
up, the deep-aching-pain was gone.


My working hypothesis is that it is not
and that, instead, what happened was
that, because I had to get up, get dressed,
go out into the cold [and freezing rain] to
clear the fallen snow off of my car so I
could move the car [to allow the plows
to clear the road], what would have,
otherwise constituted a "complete
TempK cycle" got interrupted in mid-
course. The interruption repeated three
times during various stages of the snow-
removal, after each of which I went back
to bed, but was aware that I never got the
chill out of my legs -- which was where
the majority of the deep-aching-pain
occurred. The pain was like it was right
=in= my bones -- TempK-dependent
immunological function??? When I finally
got my body warmed up, the TempK-
cycle resumed its course???

Presently, I'm withholding judgement, but
keeping an eye on the general phenomen-
on -- because the "coincidence" is too much
to ignore.

I've been up for a couple of 'hours', 'now',
and there is some musculature-achingness
setting it, but nothing that's anything like
it was yester-'day'.

An alternative view is that the =overall= pro-
gress of my body's reaction to the flu was
just in a particular stage yesterday, and that
the "achingness" is just a "phase" within that
that happened to occur yester-'day'.

I have to go out to shovel my walk, so
that might provide a "test" of this altern-

Just thought I'd discuss this stuff because
it's so interesting -- and it's easy to test
in animals.

You know -- Never waste data.

~An 'hour later':

I did my walk, perspired profusely, and
am 'now' in cool-down. I'll monitor every-
thing and report one way or the other.

Metapoint: If folks 'wonder' why I do
stuff like this, seemingly hanging-myself-
out-to-dry over a bed of snickering-hot-
'coals', it's be-cause, all along, I've been
working to Teach folks about how it's
necessary to "see" everything, and not
'discard' anything without studying it.

This's is an absolute necessity of binging
new-stuff in out of the 'Jungle', where it
'roams' untamed -- =be-cause=, whenever
new-stuff is encountered, since it's "new",
it'll also be relatively-"unfinitixed" [AoK,
Ap4] within one's nervous system. It'll be
correlated to little, if any previously-existing
"biological mass" [AoK, Ap5], and, so, hav-
ing little, if any, "behavioral inertia" [ibid],
if a generalized-strategy to recognize and
study all such stuff is not adopted [as a
"prefrontal constellation" [AoK, Ap7], the
new-stuff will tend, strongly, to pass right
through one's nervous system 'undetected',
and, thus, it's worth is lost to one, and,
through one's 'choice' to allow such to be
'blindly'-automated on the basis of relative
TD E/I, it's lost to all of Humanity.

So, the thing to do is, no matter what, hold-
onto it and "juggle" it a bit -- to gain a sense
of it's strongest 'flavors'.

Doing so makes all the difference.

Virtually everything in NDT started out
seeming 'wildly-far-out' be-cause all of it,
being new-stuff, had little, if any, previously-
existing TD E/I-minimization capacity.

The 'moment' of Truth is always like this.

A subtle 'whisper' that 'says', "Look here,
if you're not too 'all-that' to look."

I always "Look".

And, in these "whistful" posts, I've been
working to Teach folks about the Worth
in so-"Looking".

If anyone's saved everything I've ever posted
online [not likely], they'll see that I've repeatedly
covered the complete cycle of whispy-not-yet-
understanding-attending-to to Awesome-Truth-
Reified with respect to numerous things.

I am a Working-Scientist. As I work, when I
can, I use what I'm working on to Teach how
to optimize all that's in TD E/I-minimization.

In order that folks might "See"-beyond the
dictates of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiz-

In order that folks might be Free.

If anyone 'wonders', that's why I do stuff like

Observation: It's 'now' ~ another 'hour later',
and the deep-aching-pain has set in in my
lower extremities [not yet as intensely as yester-
'day', but, otherwise, exactly-similar], along with
an overall "chill" [which, of course, is largely due
to my perspiration's evaporation within the cold
of my trailer], so it does seem, at this point, that
there is(?) a causal-link between TempK, the
deep-aching-pain, and the "flu". [I don't 'norm-
ally' experience such "deep-aching-pain".]

Of course, this's 'just' one 'grain-of-sand' in one
of the much-larger considerations that I'm working

Anyway, that's it for 'today'.

ken [k. p. collins]

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