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| Is this a neuroscience NG?


As in any Science, individual Neuroscientists
pursue various approaches.

My focus includes the view that all behavior
reduces to Neuroscience, so I routinely ad-
dress such through recourse to Neuroscience.

If you read-back in bionet.neuroscience,
you'll find that most folks who work in this
NG do not share my view of Neuroscience.

To me, that's just more Neuroscience :-]

If you're really interested in Neuroscience,
then, if you post a question, or propose a
hypothesis, in Neuroscience, you'll be re-
warded with Expert replies.

You can't post stuff that's already well-
established within standard texts, and expect
anyone to feel there's usefulness in replying,

Everyone who meets here is pretty busy
doing Neuroscience, and if folks post stuff
that can be easily resolved by looking it up
in a book that's readily available in most
libraries and bookstores, then the folks who
meet in this NG might feel "sorry" about that,
but they recognize that others who are actually
interested in Neuroscience will have come-
up-to-speed through recourse to a book
or three.


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