Why is there such a lack of interest in neuroscience?

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| > >>Why is there such a lack of interest in neuroscience?
| > >>The whole issue of brain structure and function is IMO
| > >>the most important of all.
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| > >For some funny reason, it occurs to me that everybody that can read
| > >your question in this news group has an extraordinarily HIGH interest
| > >in neuroscience!
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| > Then those with an extraordinarily HIGH interest in neuroscience
| > should be aware of their minority. Why is this interest a minority?
| One reason could be that it is so because the great majority of scientifically
| interested people have an uneasy premonition - whether they are aware of
| it or not - that if they poke around too much with the workings of 'mind'
| they won't like what might not like they might find.


| Or, to put it more bluntly, and with a certain 'extended primal theoretical'
| bias:
| What their own "_not_ cognitively aware consciousness conveys" (to
| this majority of menschen) is that if they study the brain (implicitly their
| own) they will encounter the unsettling fact (that tend to undermine
| certain hopes and illusions) that it stores, and incorporates mechanisms
| for "AEVASIVE (my jargon) handling of,  "primal pain" (Janov's jargon).
| Peter

There's a hint of an energy-flow,
inside me, that I interpret as "in-
dicating" that I'm finally beginning
to get what you've been saying
all along, Peter.

I'm Grateful for the Work you

Cheers, ken [k. p. collins] 

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