The actention focusing power of magic

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>You might not know that I like analyzing what 
>our "Actention Selection System" makes us capable of.
>It even allows some people to construct magic websites!
>For an example, go to http://www.magicword.se/
>Click on "Magi" ((Magic) 
>On the new page click on "Korttrick" (card trick)
>Now you will be shown six cards. 
>Think of one and _remember_ it. 
>(Make sure you don't let your computer know which.)
>Then click on "Klar" (Ready)
>Then observe how hard it is 
>to hide anything from your computer 
>- who, as it turns out, succeeds at 
>removing the card you thought about.
>If you think it is worth your while,
>you can start over again, by clicking "Tillbaka".

No magic, the machine cheats by removing them all.
All those then displayed are new.

The only "real" magic  I experience is "existence" : that there 
is something rather than nothing.

I experience some "virtual magic" in the qualia of my 
subjective experiences. Virtual magic is a pragmatic 
evolutionary delusion, easily understood by studying 
AI. IMO AI should be required studies for all studying 
Frederick Martin McNeill
Poway, California, United States of America
mmcneill at fuzzysys.com
Phrase of the week :
"Who does Not Know the Truth, is simply a Fool...
Yet who Knows the Truth and Calls it a Lie, is a Criminal."
- In "Galileo Galilei" by Berthold Brecht (1898-1956)

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