New theoretical help for the work discussed on this newsgroup

Lance Sherman lancesherman at insightBB.com
Tue Jan 11 11:11:06 EST 2005

thanks for informing us of your very interesting website

your line of thinking is not completely unknown here - you may find a
kindred spirit or intellectual soul brother among us

and if you haven't already found my humor too off-putting - you might need
some help yourself

i hope to offer more than my lame jokes when i have more time

you also might find the work of Ken Collins (a frequent contributor)
relevant.  he has a paper, called AoK, available on request.  Ken also has a
systemic, organizational approach to the problems of sleep, will, emotion...

have you seen the work of Emelyanov-Yaroslavsky?
if not, try him at

"Steven Michael Harris" <stevenharris1 at verizon.net> wrote in message
news:BE02EAB2.E31%stevenharris1 at verizon.net...
> New theoretical help for the work discussed on this newsgroup
> This new theory starts with the concept of the nervous system being a
> of math that repeats a basic unit of the seeking of a frequency (qualia of
> the unit being pleasure/pain) which becomes pattern-seeking at all levels
> and grows the various different kinds of bodies and nervous systems with
> small amounts of tinkering coming from genetics (with this math doing
> all of the work).  This theory applies to philosophy and medicine and
> psychology and biological theories...
> The implications and new understandings coming from this theory are
> enormous.  (Many new explanations come from this website.)
> www.stevenharris.com/theory

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