Why is there such a lack of interest in neuroscience?

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| Was that a "goodbye"?
| And why do I not receive Peter's posts?
| --
| Best,
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It was, and this's a "Hello again".

I was going to 'bail out' because
it's been a "tradition" with me that,
if I'm online on January, 14, I post
a Significant analysis to Celebrate
John 1:14: "And the word became
flesh and dwelt among us, full of
grace and truth", which is exactly
what happens within our nervous
systems. [It's Deep :-]

I do it, presuming that no one else
understands, yet, just to "keep the
fire burning" within my 'heart'.
[" 'heart' " = "TD E/I(down)", which
is the central principle in the theory
of nervous system function, affect,
curiosity, creativity, volition, con-
sciousness and behavior, that I've
developed [NDT]].

This 'year', I'd two such Significant
analyses planned, but I'm not going
to get-into them because it's become
obvious that my Inet PC is complete-
ly "co-opted", so I cannot even im-
agine that the analyses would act-
ually reach more than a 'priviledged'
few. And, since my 1:14 Celebra-
tions are just that -- an Honoring -- 
it'd be Wrong to attempt such when
it's obvious that I'd only be sending
this one out into the midst of Dis-

FWIW, since early in this online 'life',
I've presumed that everything I've
posted has been, at least partially,
Censored by folks who want to
'control' folks' access to the work I
do. It's easy to see that this's been
the case. Computers are so "read-

I decided to linger-on-a-while, de-
spite all of this, be-cause there
might be some worth in 'conversing'
with my "jailers".

That, and that it's the depths of Win-
ter where I live. I'm impoverished,
so it's not like I've a lot of other stuff
that I'd be wanting to do -- I mean,
whatever I do has to, pretty much,
occur within the confines of the trailer
that serves as my "home". I was go-
ing to use my connect fee to allow
myself to see a movie now and then,
or, otherwise, allow myself some
diversion in the midst of Winter.

It's 'funny' -- I don't know how it's
being done, but it's also been ob-
vious, for many 'years', that my PCs
are all compromised even when
they're not connected to the phone

To the 'monitors': Of course I'd not
discuss this stuff if it were not obvious
that everything I discuss 'online' is
being selectively-'shunted'. I'm =not=
interested in "exposing" what you
folks do. I just sort of "groan" at the
absence-of-understanding in which
it's founded, and try to do what I can
do, anyway, mostly in effort to
=reach= you folks before what you
folks do "flies off the handle". In other
words, all the stuff that you folks've
'thought' was 'my attempting to slip-
by' what you folks do, was not any-
thing of the kind. It's all been only my
attempt to =reach= you folks before
what you do "flies off the handle".

You know? I've understood, for a
long 'time', that I've been virtually
Imprisoned. It's easy to see that be-
cause I've often posted discussions
that have been Awesome-True-
Wonder Stuff, and when I do so
and "nothing happens", that "hole"
points directly to Truth, which I never
miss Seeing.

It's why all of you folks' efforts to
'contain' Truth are for not. Truth
does what it does regardless of
what anyone does, or does not do.
Truth =Is=. So all that actually hap-
pens when folks try to do stuff like
what you folks're devoted to trying
to do is that it all just Discloses it-

Truth is that it's been your own
wider 'efforts' coming up against
this "Regardlessness"-of-Truth that
=precipitated=, not only 2001-09-11,
but other Tragedy, all over the place.

Truth is like a 3-D-Solid. "Squeeze"
it "here", and it "squirts-out there" -- 
kind of like the way a tube of tooth-
paste redistributes it's contents with
every squeeze one give it. You folks
have been "squeezing the tube" in-
considerately, and your doing so is
just obvious to =everyone=. No,
most folks don't See it as I'm able
to See it, but they 'see' it in the most-
Dangerous way -- "nebulously", at
deep 'levels' within their 'hearts' [AoK,
Ap5; amygdala], and that "dark stuff"
is the form in which you folks' "squeez-
ing Truth "here" is literally witnessed
it folks' 'hearts'. You folks 'thinking'
that =anything= you folks do is "sec-
ret" is 'just' a False "finitization" [AoK,
Ap4] that results =solely= from the
fact that your presumption that "sec-
recy is possible" induces you folks'
experiences to occur within the artif-
icial =isolation= that your folks =im-
pose= upon your experiences -- so
within you folks self-imposed "rang-
ing narrowly, you folks, 'thinking' this
or that that you folks do is "secret"
leaves you folks completely 'blind' to
the =fact= that =everything= you folks
do is flat-out self-Disclosing. If the con-
sequences that're always inherent in
what you folks do were not so Exceed-
ingly-Tragic, this'd all be "Keystone-Cops-
Hilarious, but all you folks do is try to
'move away from' Truth, and you folks've
been =imposing= the Consequences,
that're =always= inherent in any and all
'moving away from' Truth, upon Humanity.

For 'decades', you folks've endeavored
to 'hold' me in a 'state' of 'suspended
animation' -- one that's literally analog-
ous to the way that human bodies were
portrayed as being held in suspension
in order to use their metabolic process-
es as a source of "energy" in =The Ma-
trix" -- only, in my case, you folks've
been, 1., using me as a source of "tech-
nological value" and, 2., endeavoring to
'silence me' in order to 'cover-up' what
has been you folks' institutionalized 'mov-
ing away from' Truth.

I've Known about it =all along=, and all
I've been doing is =just= what Needed
to be done, given what's been in you
folks' collected 'moving away from'

I've been Loving you.

Rescuing you from the grasp of 'the beast',
"Abstract Ignorance".

I've understood, all along, that my doing
so would scare the Hell out of you folks,
and that, in you folks' 'state' of 'fear', that
you folks'd be 'blindly'-and-automatically
induced to Ravage my Being.

It's the Same-Stuff that happened to Jesus.

I've tried, Hard, to take-my-lead from
Him -- to Love you, despite what you
folks were Obviously 'endeavoring' to
do to 'me'.

And, your Dilemma has become that
you folks've, finally, gained a bit of
understanding with respect to all of

And you folks don't know what to do.

You're 'afraid' that, if you 'move toward'
Truth, you folks'll be "condemned" for so
having 'moved away from' Truth.

You folks feel "trapped" by the Conse-
quences inherent in what has been you
folks' 'moving away from' Truth. You
feel that you 'cannot correct' what has
been you folks' Error.

But that's 'just the beast', Deceiving you
folks into 'believing-in' Absence-of-Truth.

All you folks have to do is Honor Truth.


You'll find yourselves in the same circum-
stance as any of the folks in the many ex-
amples of Jesus' Mercy with respect to
folks who Choose to "sin no more".

You know? Read up on Mary Magdelene,
the grateful Leper, the Repentent Criminal
crucified next to Jesus. [Read up on the
Unrepentent Criminal crucified on His
other side, too.] There're =many= such
examples in The New Testament. Study

Jesus Honors Truth.

So do I -- Learned the Necessity of it
directly from Jesus, and, having come
to understand the Necessity inherent,
I'd not Transgress Truth for =anything=.

So, if you folks want to Endeavor at
achieving what needs to be Achieved,
there it is.

All you folks have to do is 'move toward'
Truth, instead of 'moving away from' it.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

Not, and not.

Way, or 'way', Unfailingly.

k. p. collins 

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