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This, too, is all 'just' Neuroscience.

It occurred to me, as I was pre-
paring to Sleep, that I should ex-
plain to folks why I [routinely] do
the stuff that I'm doing in this

It's be-cause, if I did not do so,
then I'd leave folks unaware that
they are vulnerable to the Con-
sequences that are inherent in what
they're doing.

If I didn't do such, then Respons-
ibility for such Consequences
would fall to me.

So, after taking care of this Ugly
stuff I just continue to work to
share the stuff I've done, am do-
ing, and will do while Life remains

Why not just "take my ball" and
not let the folks who do this hurt-
ful stuff not "play"?

It's in The Lord's Prayer:

"Forgive us our trespasses, as we
forgive those who trespass against

There's Awesome-Truth in-there
that I'd not transgress for =any-

It's deep, but I'll try to briefly ex-

It has to do with the Fact that it's
Improbable to live a Life that's
free of "trespass" [it's Possible,
but only the Heroic-Saints do it]
be-cause, as is discussed in AoK,
Ap8, we learn through =experience=,
and don't comprehend all that's in
our experiences "until we've made
it 'round the bend" [the "curved
path of learning" [ibid]].

So "absence-of-forgiveness" with
respect to others' "trespasses" sets
a behavioral "template" that's literally
an induced TD E/I (up) mirror image
within the others' nervous systems,
replete with Directional-mapping that
points-right-back-at the environment-
al source of the TD E/I(up) -- the
"unforgiving" person -- the person
who does not "do unto others as
he'd have others do unto him" with
respect to the Fact that we don't
understand what's in experience un-
til we've "made it 'round the bend".

Absence-of-forgiveness 'moves
away from' Truth in this way, and
inflicts the Consequences of 'moving
away from' Truth upon the one who
is unforgiving.

It's what's been happening in the
Holy Land for 'decades', and, cur-
rently, =all over the place= elsewhere.

Look for Human-actualized Slaughter
and Devastation, and you'll always
see the absence-of-forgiveness-'moving
away from' Truth that's explained above.

The TD E/I(up) that's induced with-
in nervous systems by absence-of-
forgiveness 'blindly-and-automatically
drives whole populations into inces-
santly-inwardly-spiralling [ibid] inter-
active dynamics in which Slaughter
and Devastation are, needlessly, com-

It's all 'just' in-Truth.

But "forgiveness" doesn't mean that
one is free to just "ignore" stuff that
"hurts" -- be-cause, if one does that,
then the Consequences inherent fall
upon one, even if the "trespass" is
behaviorally manifested by others.

'Cause, if one just "ignores" stuff that
"hurts", in doing so one is failing to
do what one =can do= to assist folks
in 'moving toward' Truth.

It's "deep", and I could write volumes
[deliberate plural] on it.

Forgiveness isn't for "wimps".

Forgiveness doesn't "ignore" Caring
for others -- doesn't "hide" from them
what they need to know and under-

"Hiding" Truth is 'just' more 'moving
away from' Truth which is the Essence
of Evil, 'cause it literally creates "holes"
and allows folks to "fall-into" them, un-

You know?

I'm not saying it's "easy".

Heaven knows I get "beat-up" every
'time' I bear my Responsibility in this
regard, even though I'd not not-Forgive
for =anything=.

It's a =BIG= Problem in our 'modern
times' -- folks 'think' that it's either "be-
ing a wimp" or "being nice" to "turn a
blind eye" on hurtful stuff. But that's
'just' a "volitional diminishing-returns
decision" [AoK, Ap7] that occurs at a
threshold that's 'conveniently'-low -- 
it's just information-processing "laziness"
that, as above, literally invites Evil into

Anyway, I probably should've ex-
plained long ago, but I experienced
Truth, inherent, and realized that I've
just been doing all of this without ever
explaining any of it, just as I was prepar-
ing to Sleep this 'night' [only then "made
it 'round the bend" with respect to my
seeing that I should explain why I do
all of this stuff that folks experience as
"being difficult".]

The above is, briefly, why I do it.

It's how I'm "kind to those who per-
secute me".

And, in doing it, I'm able to 'move
toward' Truth no matter what hap-
pens in my Living -- which is the
essence of Freedom.

Jesus said it all first, but Saint Law-
rence was my Teacher with respect
to this "deep" stuff of Forgiveness.

He Knew it. It's why he could joke
with his executioners, "Turn me over,
that side's done." [As he was being
executed by being "roasted" on a
gridiron. Of course, there was much-
more in Saint Lawrence's Choice.]

I saw what's in what Jesus says
through Saint Lawrence's Example.

Anyway, that's why I do the 'difficult'
stuff that I do.

Don't want to leave folks Vulnerable
to stuff that I can make-visible to them.

This, too, is all 'just' Neuroscience.

k. p. collins 

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