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| Anyway, I probably should've ex-
| plained long ago,
| [...]

Folks who've been reading the stuff
I've posted, all along, will recall I
tried to do so, reiteratively, in long-
former threads.

My own understanding was, then,
less than it is 'now' that I've "made
it 'round the bend".

| This, too, is all 'just' Neuroscience.

It's all 'just' TD E/I-minimization,
which is everything that Neurosci-
ence [and =everything= else within
Human behavior [cognition,... con-
sciousness] is.

The meta-point of the previous dis-
cussion being that stuff like "forgive-
ness" =isn't= "just philosophically-
debatable" stuff.

Truth =Is=.

We can 'move toward', or 'move
away from' Truth, and we experience
the Consequences inherent in our
Choice in the form of TD E/I within
our nervous systems.

"Words" are 'just' the communica-
tions-interface stuff through which
folks've striven to address "TD E/I"
without comprehending the Neuro-
science of TD E/I, and "words", there-
fore, can "feign" [AoK, Ap8] 'moving
toward' Truth, while what's happening
is that Truth is actually being 'moved
away from'.

Reducing everything to TD E/I elim-
inates the "crap-shoot" stuff that's
plagued Human interactive dynamics.

The Consequences, inherent, literally
Determine the Survival of Humanity.

Which is why I just do what needs
to be done, even when it's "difficult".

Is this sufficient explanation of this
thread's stuff?

k. p. collins 

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