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| It's all 'just' TD E/I-minimization,
| which is everything that Neurosci-
| ence [and =everything= else within
| Human behavior [cognition,... con-
| sciousness] is.
| [...]

Aw gees!

I =wasn't= asserting, as is 'commonly'
done in Philosophy, that physical
reality has no existence that's independ-
ent of Human existence.

Physical reality =does= have such "in-
dependent" existence. Human behavior
can alter physical reality in ways that
exist within physical reality.

I was talking about Human =exper-
iencing= of all that Humans can exper-
ience of physical reality.

Neuroscience, Maths, Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Architect-
ure, Literature, Music,... =everything= that
Humans experience and do is all 'just' TD
E/I-minimization [or the relative absence
of such].

One can do anything else through the "lens"
of Neuroscience.

By and by, I'll post an updated discussion
of "Maths au Natural" to Demonstrate
this all-encompassing-ness of Neuroscience,
and how Human experience is rigorously-
coupled to physical reality. [Remind me if
I "forget". I've got to spend some complete-
devotion 'time' with the "ER-Engram" hypo-
thesis, so I might forget :-]

k. p. collins 

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