It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious'

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It's so Sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

I rebuilt my machine the other 'day',
and the very next 'day' it was already

But it's Funny how I know that it's

A 'service' that I'd formerly detect-
ed as a Rogue is, 'now' "playing-
hide-and-seek" :-]

=Please= understand. It's just not
Possible to do what 'you folks'
'think is possible' to do with com-

It's myriad things like this "hide-and-
seek-playing" Rogue 'service" that
enable me to Know, with Certainty,
that I'm virtually Imprisoned.

You know?

Anyone who Loves Computers just
=Sees= all of this stuff.

"Turn me over, that side's done."

Sad Cheers to my Jailers.

['you folks' are, literally, =playing=
with the non-Survival of Humanity.
[I'm =not= addressing my own cir-
cumstances, here. I'm addressing
the =broad= Consequences that're
=in= what 'you folks' are doing. If it
continues, it'll =End= Humanity. I've
been =trying= to convey a sense for
such to 'you folks' without "exposing"
what's in what 'you folks' are doing.
But, apparently, 'you folks' 'thought'
I was just "blabbering"? Please allow
me to explain in-person.]]

k. p. collins 

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