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Real Human Reform [was Re: Real Election Reform]

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jan 17 15:42:10 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:Fc4Ed.86914$uM5.66179 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| [...]

| The 'state' of Election dynamics is a
| Sorrow that traces back to historical
| circumstances in which folks could be,
| and routinely were, forcefully-'ostra-
| cized' as a result of their known choices.
| So the attempt was made to 'counter'
| such 'blindly'-automated interpersonal
| forcefulness through resort to 'secret'
| balloting that 'supposedly' freed folks
| from forceful-retribution with respect
| to their electoral choices.
| [...]

It struck me, on rereading this part of
my previous discussion, that it is ap-
plicable, across the board, within all
Human interactive dynamics.

The "forceful-ostracization" inherent is
'just' what 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization 'blindly'-and-automatical-
ly does.

So the "Reform" that's necessary trans-
ends "election" dynamics. It's a univers-
al need within Human affairs.

I'll explain below why it's so, but I've
given myself over to the pursuit of in-
ner "peace" -- so I'm just sort of 'me-
andering' within my recollections of
the 'years', and all that's transpired in

And it's Funny.

Back when I formally committed my-
self to developing NDT's understand-
ing, I'd already become Aware that
there was something =really= Wrong
within Human interactive dynamics,
and I decided that it'd be best if I pro-
ceeded to reify all that was entailed by
working "apart" -- not disclosing to
anyone what I was doing.

So I worked on, and in, the Science,
while 'maintaining' some semblance of
'normal' interactive dynamics.

But it wasn't long before that became
"impractical". I was still an undergrad-
uate when it'd just become obvious to
me that folks all around me were just
'living' a lot of handed-down BS.

So I left all of that behind.

Hmmm... seems that happened the
'night' I went to my Friend's defense,
and that was when I was in grad school.

Anyway, it's been the same between
me and the community of Neuroscien-
tists. Except that I've been working-in
the new understanding I'd converged

That understanding is robust, fully-
formed, and way-more-meaning-filled
than is the generally-accepted "state of
the art" within Neuroscience, but folks
in Neuroscience have viewed me and
the work I've done as "inadequate".

And that's what's Funny.

It's been the "state of the art" in Neuro-
science that's been "inadequate", but,
since that's been what folks in Neuro-
science are 'familiar' with, they've 're-
jected' NDT's stuff, =not= because of
anything that's in NDT's stuff, but 'be-
cause' NDT's stuff is different from the
"state of the art" in Neuroscience.

What's Funny is that every scintilla of
what's in NDT reduces directly to the
experimental results that were produced
by folks working in Neuroscience, so
when Neuroscientists 'reject' NDT's
stuff, they 'reject' their own work :-]

It's pretty Funny, when one thinks about
all of this.

But what it domes down to is as I
discussed in my prior reply with re-
spect to "election" dynamics -- folks
having to resort to "secret ballot" to
try to minimize the retribution that falls
upon them if their choices were to be-
come known.

Can you see it?

Virtually =everyone= knows, as I knew
as a Young Man, that there's something
=really= Wrong within Human interactive
dynamics -- it's all right-there, "confessed"-
to in the fact of "the secret ballot" -- that
there's this "monster out there" that "preys"
upon folks hopes and dreams -- so folks
"have to" hold all their hopes and dreams
in "secret" so this "bogeyman" won't raise
its ugly head to "ostracize" them.

Can you see what's in =that=?

It's right in-it that virtually everyone "knows"
about the stuff that's Reified in NDT, but, be-
cause folks in-general are almost completely
'unfamiliar' with the stuff of Neuroscience,
everyone just sort of "slinks"-around "know-
ing" about this "monster", but not knowing
what to do about it.

And what's Funny [forgive me, my Colleagues]
is that the same is True with respect to folks
who work in Neuroscience -- you're all lead-
ing "double lives" -- studying the "monster",
but, like "civilians", and like me, when I was an
undergraduate, "denying" it's existence in your
commonplace interactive dynamics -- "for the
sake of appearances".

Can you see how Funny that is? :-]

I've been ROFL-ing at it all 'morning'.

I've been explaining to folks 'all' that's
entailed, but folks've been 'rejecting'
all that's in that explanation 'because'
they're 'afraid' of the 'monster' that ev-
eryone 'knows' "ostracizes" anyone
who threatens to disclose its non-exist-

"No! No! No! Kwn, don't talk about


And, then, the "laughter" tapered-off.

"Whew! I've really gotten myself into
a fine fix!"

"I'm up against all of this tacitly-agreed-
to stuff that folks 'blindly'-and-automat-
ically uphold."


"No wonder I'm getting 'skinned-alive'!"

"I've been showing folks how it is that
'the emperor has no clothes', and folks
like to imagine their 'emperor' as 'being


"So it doesn't matter what I say. It doesn't
matter that NDT flat-out nails Neuroscience.
Folks'll just ignore all of that in order to pre-
serve their 'social niceties', even though all
of that 'social-nicety' stuff breeds hate-filled
animosities, seethingly, in-the-backgrounds
of folks' Livings."


"I thought that all I had to do was show
folks Truth -- give it to them -- and folks,
being rational Beings, would just see Truth,
and make the necessary adjustments in
their Livings, and that'd be that -- the Peace
that Humanity has longed-for would just
happen when the non-existence of the "mon-
ster" became generally-known."

"Joke's on me."

It =can= happen, but such required in-person

As long as I stay "out-here", just "words"
on folks' computer screens, folks're 'just'
going to relegate 'me' to their 'secret' Lives,
perhaps nodding, in knowing-agreement,
every once in a while, but, then, still being
coerced by the "monster" which has a very
real, if only virtual [:-] "existence" within
their Livings -- incomes, Professional Pres-
tige, mortgage payments, groceries, new
cars, etc., all "depend" upon folks' "play-
ing the game" in which the "monster" dictates
virtually everything.


"It's a good thing that I didn't see all of this,
those 'decades' ago, the way I see it all 'to-

So, who will let me stand before them?

Who will meet with me, in-person?

So what =Needs= to be done can be

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."

"Not me."


"Oh well."

The other thing:

Why I've given myself over to "meander-
ing through the 'years'" is that I've fallen
sick again.

I'll be going-down pretty-fast it seems.

And I'm =Angry= that it's so -- not so
much on my own behalf -- I take it as
it comes -- but because there's no one
else who cares enough about Fixing what
needs Fixing -- that everyone else is 'just'
going to "wimp-out" -- even though all
of this work has been done, and even
though all anyone has to do is just receive
the Gift of understanding.

It "Angers" me that folks're such "Wuzzes".

That folks're so "fatalistic".

That no one gives a damn about all the
Tragedy that =needlessly= arises in folks'

But I'm sick again, so I've got to seek
inner-Peace, and Live-there for a while.

After taking this particular side-trip, I
don't know whether to Laugh or Cry.

It's all so Funny.

And it's all so Enormously-Sad.

Given Truth, folks cling to the Nothingness
that Ravages their Beings.



I'm going to have to take all of this on
when I regain my strength.

Loose ends:

Folks who want to will have to pursue
the ER-Engram hypothesis on their own.

I'll return to it, by and by, but don't know
when I'll be able to get back to the nec-
essary level of fight-for-it-ness.

And the existing discussion of "Maths
au Natural" ["Naked Maths"] will have
to do.

I've got to devote myself to finding a
way to not-Die.

k. p. collins

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