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Yup, the ER-Engram hypothesis is
going to stand. Rather than discussing
it "separately", I'm just going to integrate
discussion of it into my ongoing discussion.

In order to do this, I'm going to intro-
duce a "function": the "Viola Function"
[Vi fx] to represent what I've been re-
ferring to as "3-D energydynamics". I'll
still use that nomenclature when it's ap-
propriate to do so, but I'm going to use
the "Vi fx" nomenclature because I want
to emphasize the overall =tuning= of the
"3-D energydynamics", and work to 'com-
pletely' explicate them -- the "Viola func-
tion" 'contains' a dynamic set that's like
the net result of a virtuoso viola player's
working her instrument to best effect. [I
wanted to use a nomenclature that will
evoke a useful 'familiar' image -- just as
the movements of violist's fingers and
bow upon the strings of her instrument,
tune and instantiate the musicality of the
performer's playing, including all of the
3-D ramifications of the vibrational
modes of her instrument's strings, the
"Coulomb forces" that are embodied
within the ongoing ionic conductances
instantiate and tune the coupling of ex-
perience and "the genome" while, simul-
taneously, orchestrating everything else
that occurs within a nervous system. I
chose the name be-cause the underlying
3-D energydynamics are inherently an
analogous superset of a viola's vibra-
tional dynamics, and because "Vi" is a
word-play on "visible", which expresses
my overall goal of making the tuning act-
ions of the 3-D energydynamics "visible".
[The "Vi fx" is also a Homage to my
Mom, who was the only Person who
was ever able to accept me at face-
value. She Deserves the Honor, and
what the hell, it's my work, so I can call
it what I want to call it.]

The Vi fx is inherently complex for a
number of reasons.

1. The neural Topology is, itself, in-
herently-complex, requiring all of Neuro-
anatomy for its description.

2. The 3-D energydynamics that occur
within the neural Topology are highly-

3. Experience is highly-dynamically-
varying [more within some systems
than within others, depending upon
"volotional diminishing-returns decision"
threshold [AoK, Ap7].

4. Nutrient-availability can vary widely.

5. Disease-processes, etc., are highly-

Basically, the Viola fx is a variable-res-
olution function because it can be written at
"levels" that're commensurate with 'levels'
of neural-topological inclusivity and detail.

The simplest "levels" include the global
neural Topology as a whole, and reflect
TD E/I-minimization within that global
neural architecture as I've been discus-
sing it all along.

A simple case is the "pain" stuff that's
discussed in AoK's "Short Paper" sec-

Vi[global] = Dir[pain] ^ -1

This says, Given "pain" sensation that
is topologically-mapped from the "Dir"
direction with respect to the global
neural architecture, the included portion
of "the system" just "inverts" it, which
results in the environmental source of
"pain" sensation being 'moved away

It's all straightforward, but, N.B., =none=
of this has ever appeared in the Published
Literature. So =do not= discuss it with-
out crediting NDT!

You know?

I'm 'tired' of folks telling the folks [mainly
Journalists] who I've pleaded with while
trying to get NDT's understanding com-
municated, that, "There is nothing new in
anything he's told you."

That's outrageous BS.

Truth is that, =yes=, folks did =Magnifi-
cent= bits-and-pieces work, but =nobody=
was doing the work of synthesizing the
bits and pieces into a unified whole.

=Nobody= understood why the phenom-
enon of "decussation" occurs as it does be-
fore NDT's stuff was communicated.

People are Dying, and folks've been
'thwarting' my attempts to get NDT's
understanding communicated to them.

Returning to the "Viola function"...

As one works from the all-inclusive global
system [the "supersystem; the "system of
systems] to less-inclusive 'levels', the Vi fx
becomes commensurately more-complex.

This augmenting notational complexity re-
sults from the fact that no matter how pre-
cisely one's focus becomes, =all= of the
higher-'level' stuff must still be included in
the Vi fx if the stuff that's being focussed-
upon is to be accurately represented.

This's is just another way of saying that
it's TD E/I-minimization all the way down.
One cannot describe TD E/I-minimization,
at any 'level', without including 100% of
the higher-'level' functional Neuroanatomy.

So, say one wants to discuss stuff in CA1
hippocampus. One =must= include =every-
thing= else that is at a global-system 'level'
that's "higher" than CA1 hippocampus, and
include TD E/I-minimization functions for
all of that other stuff in the calculation of

Of course this rapidly becomes "messy",
but, all along, I've been discussing all of
this stuff with the understanding that the way
to do it would be by constructing models
within a computer, each component of such
models having its own  contribution to the
Vi fx.

Anyway, why I saw that the "Viola function"
would be useful stems from my exploration
of the ER-Engram hypothesis.

I was looking for a way to get a handle on
the totallity of what's going on in the ER,
while incorporating TD E/I-minimization's
rigorous coupling of "the genome" to exper-
ience, and it became clear that I had to make
the high-dynamics of the "Coulomb forces"
visible [the 2nd connotation of "Vi"].

At this point, all the "Viola function" is is a
"skeleton" that rigorously orders TD E/I
at all scales.

Some folks'll "snicker" and say, "So what?"

But those folks just don't understand Neuro-
science yet, because TD E/I is all there is
within nervous systems. As has been clearly-
stated in AoK all along, no matter where one '
looks, no matter at what scale one looks,
=everything= within nervous systems is rig-
orously ordered to achieve a =single= "goal":
to enable the nervous system to "know" how
to drive the effectors of its host organism with
Directionality that will result in the occurrence
of TD E/I-minimization within the nervous sys-
tem. Included in such "effectors" are the "lang-
uage" interface, and all that enters into cofni-
tion and consciousness, including all of "affect".
[I've discussed all of these "internal effectors",
and their control, in former posts. Buzz me
if you want that stuff discussed again. All
such stuff is as "servo mechanisms" that're
coupled to TD E/I.]

So, the "Viola function" doesn't really say
anything that I've not already discussed re-
iteratively, but I'm using it as a "demarca-
tion". I'm going to start discussing how to
calculate the Vi fx, in computers.

I shouldn't have to do this, sitting in a cold
trailer, using the $ that I should be able to
spend on food to do it.

But, if that's what it takes, I'll do what
needs to be done.

I'm going to repost some stuff that I dis-
cussed in cap recently.

[My illness seems to have passed -- ex-
cept for the 'heart'-break that it entailed.
'heart'-break stuff just lingers on it's own
'time'-course. "Gees, 'louise'!" Every 'time'
I think I've seen it all, the "depravity"
descends to deeper-depths.] 

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