First brain cells grown in lab

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Tue Jan 18 22:06:09 EST 2005

Matthew Kirkcaldie wrote:
> In article <AabHd.9887$pZ4.9609 at newsread1.news.pas.earthlink.net>,
>  "Allen L. Barker" <alb at datafilter.com> wrote:
>>SCIENTISTS have successfully grown human brain cells in the
>>laboratory for the first time and used them to repair the
>>damaged brains of head-injury victims.
> Yessss ... from a sample obtained from a CHOPSTICK that had PUSHED 
> THROUGH SOMEONE'S EYE.  They then supposedly proliferated in the 
> patient's brain (unlike any other neuron in the cortex) and then, in a 
> remarkable feat, restored abilities lost due to an injury.  Presumably 
> they brought those abilities with them from the other patient, or knew 
> how to restore the missing functions in the recipient.
> Forgive me if I remain a little sceptical.

I'm waiting to see myself, but it is an interesting report.  Don't
be too arrogant and think that it couldn't have been done by a
Chinese researcher.  I didn't see any indication that any abilities
were claimed to have been transferred; that is a misrepresentation
of what was reported.  The chopstick incident was only reported to
have given the researcher his inspiration.  Really, as a scientist
you should be more precise.  My interpretation is that the new
cells were recruited into the brain of the recipient and helped to
restore some lost functions.

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