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Tue Jan 18 23:44:03 EST 2005

Nervous systems routinely Compute
trillions and trillions and trillions of
things in real 'time', in every 'instant'
of their existences.

This =really-Huge= Computation oc-
curs so rapidly be-cause of the way
that =everything= within nervous sys-
tems is rigorously-topologically-order-
ed to enable all Computation to pro-
cede via 'simple' TD E/I-minimization.

That means that, at each 'point' within
the neural Topology, everything has to
"know" how to do the =one= thing, and
doing it, 'blindly'-and-automatically con-
tributes what is necessary that that one
'point' contribute to the 'instantaneous'
global Computation, and the whole glo-
bal Computation will, 'blindly'-and-auto-
matically tend, strongly, to converge up-
on a globally-integrated TD E/I-minimiz-
ed 'state' that will 'blindly'-and-automat-
ically drive cognition, affect, behavior,
[creativity, curiosity, volition, conscious-
ness], each, everywhere with Direction-
ality that is mapped within a single uni-
fied whole that, to the degree that the
nervous system in question has previous-
ly directed its host organism's behavior
[etc.] so that it had "ranged widely" with
respect to the 'momentary' external ex-
periential environment with respect to
which the TD E/I-minimization Compu-
tation is 'now' occurring, will yield an in-
tegrated global convergence that is 'ap-
propriate' within the external experiential
environment of the nervous system's host

There's no 'magic'. If that which is in-
cluded with-in the global TD E/I-mini-
mization Computation is not "compre-
hensive" with respect to "the problem"
whose "solution" is being Computed,
the TD E/I-minimization Computation
will reflect the missing "data" as a "hole"
in which the missing experience is obvious
[and which, quite-Wonderfully, literally
points-directly to the experience that's
missing and necessary. [Of course, this
Directional-"pointing" is =not= obvious
unless the way that nervous systems
process information is, itself, already TD
E/I-minimized [already "understood"]
within the nervous system that's doing
the Computation.

Anyway, if one approaches nervous
system via any of the "traditional" routes,
it all just looks "mysterious" because the
TD E/I-minimization Computation is un-
like =anything= that's been worked-out
within all other research efforts, taken-

That's why resolving nervous systems
as information-processing systems was
a Hard problem that had to be worked-
through a little bit at a 'time', while carry-
ing =everything= forward in a way that
allowed =everything= to be cross-cor-
related with =everything= else.

When one does this, one sees that all
of what appears to be "mysterious" is
'just' the Extraordinary-Simplicity that
enables each 'point' within a nervous
system to "know" what to do no matter
the activation with respect to which it
has to Compute -- just do its local TD

And all the "mystery" dissolves as one
sees how and why each 'local' TD E/I-
minimization =Directionality= [at all scales]
is as it is because that is just what's nec-
essary in order that it be mapped into
global TD E/I-minimization.

It's the exquisite global embodiment of
TD E/I-minimization that enables the
~Googleplex to be Computed in real
'time'. Nothing ever happens more than
one relay away from anything else with-
in the global Computation. This is =not=
to say that everything within the myriad
TD E/I-minimizations that are occurring
in-parallel goes from "disordered" to
"ordered" 'instantaneously'. It doesn't.
The "one-relay" 'rule' says that, given
any "point", the TD E/I-minimization
Computation that occurs at that "point"
takes it's inputs from, and sends its out-
puts to =one= relay distant. The function-
al integrity of the =global= Computation
is maintained by the TD E/I-minimization
"governers" that are discussed in AoK,
Ap5, which also act via single relays.

I refer to these really-huge real-'time'
Computations "Mathematics au Natural".
["Naked Maths".]

All the stuff that's been considered to con-
stitute "Mathematics" is 'just' a particular
"language"-interface that is constructed
"on top of" this Maths au Natural that
nervous systems innately do, and it's the
overhead that's been imposed by, and
within, the "rules" of this traditional Maths
"language" [in a way that's exactly anal-
ogous to =all= "language"-interface dyn-
amics] that is what has made tradition-
al problem-solving "slow" and "hard".

The only prerequisite of Maths au Natural
is as above -- the "data" that are included
in the dataset that "contains" a sought after
Solution must be experienced.

As soon as that happens... "Zzzzwwwiiippp",
the nervous system Solves the Problem via
straightforward TD E/I-minimization.

Case in-point: It took me nine 'years' to
experience all of the data that are included
in all of the experimental results produced
by my Colleagues in Neuroscience that
sufficiently-encompass nervous system

Then, in the summer of 1980, "Zzzwwiippp",
my nervous system just Resolved "the nervous
system" via Maths au Natural [via one weeks-
long, sustained TD E/I-minimization, which, of
course, included all of the TD E/I-minimization
that occurred during the course of the prior
nine 'years' while I was =experiencing= the ex-
perimental results and cross-correlating them
["TD E/I-minimization" had precipitated-out
in the first 'year', in the form of "the minimiza-
tion of the energy consumption of mentation",
as I spent that first 'year' studying the way that,
no matter where I looked, all I saw was folks
'blindly' and automatically 'clinging' to that
which had merely become relatively 'familiar'
to them during the courses of their prior exper-
ience. [the concept of ubiquitous "prejudice
toward the familiar" [PTOFA] was "born"].

The "critical" event that occurred during the
summer of 1980 was the "gathering" of the
last "piece of the puzzle". Then everything
just imploded to unity.

[Truth is, I was 'working on the problem'
over the course of my entire Life's 'time', I
only undertook it's formal Resolution be-
ginning in September, 1971, as an undergrad
at Springfield College. I was, then 24 'years'
old, so the "nine 'years' was actually 33
'years', and the total is 57 'years', and count-
ing -- it's been 24 'years' since the Solution
was achieved. It's been Hard communicating
the Solution -- for instance, I've not been
allowed to Publish it -- because other folks've
not, yet, experienced all of the "data" that're
in the Problem. So folks've 'moved away
from' be-cause the Solution's stuff remains
'unfamiliar' to them -- be-cause it induces
TD E/I(up) within their nervous systems.

So I just have to keep-on-keepin'-on, un-
tile folks get it.

Then, it's going to lift-up all of Humanity.

I do wish, however, that folks'd not 'pre-
sume' to 'block' Publication of the work
I've done because =they= have not, yet,
"gathered" all of the pieces of the "puzzle".
[This because, when I reach out to Journ-
alists, asking them to communicate NDT's
stuff, it's always been that someone who
they ask about NDT says it's, somehow,
"not what he claims it to be". It's what I
claim it to be. The folks who are mis-
representing it just don't understand ev-
erything that's integrated within it. How
will that ever happen if it's never Published
so folks can study it?]] 

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