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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 19 08:01:02 EST 2005

And so, now "the die is cast".

Now, the folks on the Nobel Committee
will understand why it was that I could
not accept the Peace Prize.

Oh yes, there =is= Peace in NDT's under-
standing, but that Possibility only exists
to the degree that it is instantiated in-

So I could only accept an Honor in-
Science -- so that Truth could be the
basis for Peace.

Everything that I've done in the 24 'years'
since NDT's stuff came together has been
like that -- all of the seemingly "weird"
stuff that I've posted here in b.n has been
=solely= with respect to "holding open
the door" to folks. I wanted NDT's stuff
to come-forward in a spirit of Collegiality -- 
so that =everyone= could participate in
its coming-of-Truth.

So I "made myself small" while "waiting"
for folks to get-it -- so that folks could
"own-it" -- feel that they were involved
in its development -- in its instantiation.

But, with my personal circumstances go-
ing the way they're going, I realized that
I could "wait" no longer. I could not risk
passing without carrying things forward
to the "point" to which I carried them last
'night'. And my passing could've happened
the other 'night', so I could "wait" no longer.

It should've been a Joyous 'moment' for
me, but it was mostly Sorrowful -- be-
cause the Truth, inherent will be too-
'blinding' a "light", and folks'll just sort of
'slink-off', having decided that it's best
for them to "wait" until I die before they
publicly acknowledge NDT's Truth -- 
"rendering useless" is much easier to en-
dure when there're no "witnesses" :-]

I've Sorrow, too, be-cause my Country's
'government' is so totally-Corrupt. Mr.
Bush has known about NDT's under-
standing since before the Iraq War was
launched. It's Public Record. Before the
War, he was fairly obsessed with saying
that folks "couldn't talk to a madman"
[Saddam Hussein], and, if folks look,
they'll see that it was only me who was
asking to go to Iraq to talk with Mr.

You know -- "holes" in Truth point dir-
ectly back to their sources.

But that's not the end of my 'govern-
ment's Corruption. They just took NDT's
stuff back in 1982, and I've known, ever
since, that they'd be Cowardly about
'covering-up' their Theft [an egregious
violation of The Constitution].

But it's Tapered Harmony's stuff that
really got me into "hot water" with the
'government'. Tapered Harmony makes
Physics Child's play -- and that scares
the hell out of folks who know-nothing
about Physics. My read is that Tapered
Harmony has been Officially Banned,
at a high level of 'governmental auth-
ority', and that means all hope had been
Terminated for me -- 'cause 'they' know
that I Honor Truth. Period.

So, I've done what it humanly-possible
for a man to do, being fairly sure that
I'd actually been "written-off" 'decades'

I'm proud of the way I've conducted my-
self [if anyone cares to know]. There
were very-many in-the-gutter  dynamics,
all of which were stacked-against my
efforts to bring NDT's stuff forward.

I have to smile when I think back on
how many folks got really-good far-
away-from-me jobs because I'd made
headway in bringing them up-to-speed
in NDT's stuff.

Then there were all the journalists who
I've been feeding information for more
than 25 'years'. They're all over the place.
All existing in self-imposed 'silence' with
respect to NDT's stuff. Part of that is
my Fault. I'd already been battered by
all the subterfuge that NDT met with,
and, when I went to seek the assistance
of Journalists, I was =Desperate=, and
it showed in my interactive dynamics
[part of it was that I had a "thing" a-
gainst "begging". Still do. To me, "beg-
ging" is like a living-death.] So there're
only relatively-few 'journalists' who
actually Failed. The rest just got caught-
up in what was already going on. [My
read is that the Journalistic community
is riddled with folks who're collecting
two paychecks.]

So, anyway, now NDT stands on its
own merits. There's nothing that can,
or ever will controvert it..

I'm going to take the 'day' off tomorrow.

For me, tomorrow will be a 'day' of
Mourning for America.

What's that? "Ken, don't you know that
you should address power diplomatically?"

Yeah, 'they' are 'powerful', alright. It's
just that all 'they' do with their 'power' is
Stupidly ab-use it. Really, just about any
high school class President could do a
better job in the Oval Office.

For me, tomorrow will be a 'day' of
Mourning for America.

It's so jaw-hanging that The Citizenry has
been so 'blind' to all that's being done to it.

k. p. collins 

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