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| [...]

More 'Difficult' stuff.

| But that's not the end of my 'govern-
| ment's Corruption. They just took NDT's
| stuff back in 1982, and I've known, ever
| since, that they'd be Cowardly about
| 'covering-up' their Theft [an egregious
| violation of The Constitution].
| [...]

Why I "fight":

It's be-cause, as a result of my efforts to
bring NDT's understanding forward in
the midst of folks who were wanting to
keep 'secret' what they 'thought' NDT
was, I was constantly receiving an "Ed-
ucation" -- constantly having my eyes
opened, more and more -- with respect
to the way that 'government agencies'
act, forcefull, to 'control' what it is that
folks're allowed to experience as 'truth'.

I never did "actively" ["active phase";
AoK, Ap5 and Ap7] anything to try to
"find-out" about any of this stuff. All I
ever did was, seeing that this or that that
I'd already tried "didn't work", look else-
where to find another way in which to

Over the 'years', though, this "looking
elsewhere" went through hundreds of
thousands of iterations, and, within that,
without even trying to see it, there e-
merged, in the negative image of all
that "didn't pan-out", a comprehensive
image of =why= none of it had "panned-

It wasn't even hard to see this "negative
image". Stuff like my being 'institution-
alized' after having spent 'days' clear-
ing my 1985 hunger strike with the Auth-
orities in Hartford, CT [details were given
in long-former posts] 'just' hammered my
Being with their directed-forcefulness so
that I could not miss discerning their well-

So, thus forewarned, I began to be routine-
ly-vigilant with respect to all such stuff.

What happened was that, back in 1982,
after my invited NRL presentation, 'gov-
ernment agencies' just took what they
'knew' of NDT's stuff, and cast 'me' in-
to the "garbage heap" of folks-who've-
become-'expendable'. They did this out
of a sense of 'honor' with respect to their
participation in the 'defense of america'.
They wanted to use NDT's stuff to build
weapons systems', and, in order to do so,
they felt they 'had to' "erase" my Being.

It was Hard seeing all of this -- no one
wants to 'live' that sort of living-death
in which one is literally cut-off from the
rest of Humanity. [For example, I cannot
even use a pay-phone to make a discreet
call. I don't know how they do it, but it's
either via a high-tech surveilance that's
attached to my car, or via zone-targeted

It got even Harder as I learned that they
had also targeted my Family, and my
Brothers' Families. [I had to 'handle' that
by 'estranging' myself from my Brothers,
which left me entirely 'alone' -- cut-off
from all interaction with others, except
casual encounters with strangers [which,
as I've explained, I relish and enjoy]].

But the =really= -hard thing for me was
that, regardless of what anyone did to
'me', I was =still= Obligated to bring
NDT's understanding forward -- be-
cause the Survival of Humanity Depends
upon it's coming forward [as I've explain-
ed reiteratively].

So I just did what needed to be done,
knowing that even my 'jailers' would get-
it, by and by -- knowing, in fact, that they
would probably be among the first to get-
it -- be-cause they were giving everything
I did such close scrutiny.

I made adjustments -- like my 'funny'
posting 'style' -- be-cause what I was act-
ually doing was writing for my 'jailers' -- 
working to reach, and to teach, them, and
wanting to reach them =first=, so that all
the dreadful stuff that they were doing
could be gracefully transcended, and so
that they could realign what they experienced
as their Honorable efforts so that they co-
incided with Truth. These folks aren't "bad".
They've 'just' been trained in accord with
ancient animosities, and so they 'see' the
world through that "lens".

With respect to all of this, =THIS= is
=THE= 'moment'-of-Truth -- the "point'
of "Inversion" [AoK, Ap4]. If these folks
don't realign, 'now', there'll be nothing more
that I'll be able to do to assist in lifting
Humanity up.

Oh, I'll continue, but only in a sort of "rote"
way in which I just refuse to not "try", the
main feature of which will be my descent
into 'superfluity. [For all I know, that's how
my 'jailers' had long-ago already come to
'see me'.] The danger, to me, being that, yes,
these folks've finally caught a glimpse of
what's actually in-NDT, and, yes, they want
to act on that [it's in the Tradition of the Best
that America has stood-for, after all], but
they are 'worried' because of the way they've
treated me, and, to spare themselves that
'worry', they'll 'just' Kill me, which'll allow
them to 'just' fabricate any "back-story" that
they want to 'wish'-into-'existence'. [Actual-
ly, given all that's transpired, I'm "surprised"
to find myself still-Alive :-]

But, if they do that, they'll lose access to all
the stuff that was long-ago reified in NDT
[and TH], but which I've not yet been able
to communicate because it's all at 'levels'
that remain more-advanced than the 'levels'
to which I've been able to communicate
NDT's and TH's stuff.

I saw their 'worry' long ago, and tried to
ameliorate it by offering, on the condition
that my Dad be cared-for, to be formally-
Imprisoned -- so I could bring them up-to-
speed with the most-advanced 'states' of
NDT and TH [or at least show them how
to work at those 'levels' -- both NDT and
TH extend to Infinity -- there will =never=
be a "final"-encompassing -- Honestly,
their Newness just goes on forever -- I
can't pick up any textbook, open it any-
where, read on that page, and not see vast
Newness in whatever it it [it's as a flood,
in this way, with respect to "Cellular Biology"
these 'days' because I took-up that sub-
ject with respect to the ER-Engram hypo-
thesis] -- this happens in both NDT and
TH be-cause both theories reduce every-
thing to 'just'-energy, and energy can move

But that [Sincere] offer was 'refused' [al-
though I do 'wonder' if they've taken my
offer as my having 'given them permission'
to 'do anything' with respect to me. That
was not in my offer. Without formal ac-
ceptance of my offer, I remain Citizen,

Anyway, because of my personal cir-
cumstances, I saw that I could "wait"
no longer in hope of "accomodating"
the 'fears' of these 'government' folks.

All of the above, to explain why there'll
appear to be a "discontinuity" in my post-
ing 'style' -- no more "hand-holding".

So, the first thing I want to discuss, with-
out "holding" anyone's "hand", is this pro-
posal that's been on the board with re-
spect to "privatizing" Social Security.

The 'state' of the Social Security System
is as it is for =one= 'reason': the funds
were not Husbanded. Instead, they were
merged with the general Treasure, and
used for purposes other than their Law-
fully-Designated purpose -- caring for
the Elderly, and the Children whose
Families have been devastated.

In other words, it was Profligate spending
that undermined the Social Security bal-
ance sheets. And that's 'just' Criminalality,
that, in all other instances, would receive
the attention of the Attorney General, and,
at his direction, would receive Correction
under the Law. Just like in any other in-
stance of Corporate Wrongdoing that neg-
atively-impacts the Citizenry.

Now, the 'government' proposes covering-
up all of this, and foisting the results of 'gov-
ernmental' Malfeasance' upon the Citizenry,
which is 'just' a garden-variety ponzi scheme,
which, like all such, is doomed to failure.

I've discussed all of this, repeatedly, in
long-former posts -- "privatizing' Social
Security will =End= Capitalism in The
United States of America [which, given all
the 'crowing' about the so-called 'defeat
of communism', is Sorrowfully-'Hilarious' -- 
what does one call the enforced, calculated,
Demise of "Capitalism" if not "Communism"?]

Mr. President, you're a Decent Man. Heaven
knows you've Wisdom enough. That's Ob-
vious in your Choice of Laura to walk-through-
Life with you. But you've one, surmountable,
short-coming, Sir. It's a result of the way you
"didn't care" about coming-up-to-speed with
respect to "technical-details", which has left
you Vulnerable to all manner of 'slickly'-sold
Jackass-'stuff', and you've surrounded your-
self with 'slick'-Jackasses who've done little
other than 'advise' you Badly.

As President, Sir,you =Cannot= allow that
to stand. There's no Authority in The
Constitution Of The United States Of America
that "enables" you to "accept" Bad-'advice',
and you're outside of the Law while you do
so, Sir.

The remedy is simple, if Arduous. You need
to gather to yourself folks who Honor Truth,
and who give Truth to you whole.

I listened to your Second Inaugural Address,
earlier today, and wept as I did so.

So superficially-shining, but so hollow when
it's juxtaposed against the reality of your first
four 'years' in Office.

You cannot carry America to the Shining-
Place that you spoke of in your Address
while all around you are telling you "just-so"
stories, Mr. President.

It won't happen unless you take-Control,
and =demand= Truth.

There're =many= who are able to so-Enable

If you do not find them, and bring them into
your Administration, nothing you do during
your second term as President will be even
a glimmer of what you spoke of in your

So, I Encourage you, Sir.

=Begin= by calling all Government Agencies
to task with respect to Honoring Truth. Assert
your Authority to =Demand= Truth from those
who Serve under The Constitution.

Demand Accountability from =all= who so
Serve, do so =Publicly=, and Demand that all
those who Serve under The Constitution also
do so.


The "discord" that will become Publicly-dis-
played will delineate the negative-image of
where you want to Lead America.

K. P. Collins, Citizen

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