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| [...]

| -- both NDT and
| TH extend to Infinity -- there will =never=
| be a "final"-encompassing -- Honestly,
| their Newness just goes on forever -- I
| can't pick up any textbook, open it any-
| where, read on that page, and not see vast
| Newness in whatever it it [it's as a flood,
| in this way, with respect to "Cellular Biology"
| these 'days' because I took-up that sub-
| ject with respect to the ER-Engram hypo-
| thesis] -- this happens in both NDT and
| TH be-cause both theories reduce every-
| thing to 'just'-energy, and energy can move
| infinitely].
| [...]

Case in-point: I expect that folks're still
"iffy" with respect to my assertion that it's
the 3-D energydynamics that tune "the
genome" with respect to experience.

But, if folks look at the cellular-fraction-
separation and protein-sequencing tech-
niques that're employed in molecular bi-
ology, one sees that they all incorporate
energy-gradients that're exactly-analog-
ous, =static= versions of the highly-dyn-
amically-varying 3-D energydynamics
that I've been discussing over the 'years'.

So the fact that those techniques work
in the lab Verifies that the 3-D energy-
dynamics, as I've been discussing them,
are functional within living nervous sys-

Further case-in-point: I'd never studied
the lab techniques [beyond noting, and
understanding, gel electrophoresis] be-
fore I decided to study Cellular Biology
in order to work toward substantiating
the endoplasmic reticulum engram hypo-

So I took up a book and, as I always
do with a new-to-me text, began an
overall "skimming". The particular text,
=Essential Cell Biology=, by B. Alberts,
D. Bray, A. Johnson, J. Lewis, M. Raff,
K. Roberts, and P. Walter, © 1998,
Garland Publishing, Inc., ISBN:
0-8153-2045-0 [I purchased my copy
second-hand while I happened to be
in a place where it was being sold -- 
just to keep it on-hand. Planned-for
serendipity.], has a set of excellent
"Special Features", so I started by
reading most of them. [If it's not obvious
why it's useful to do such preliminary
"overviews" when taking-up a new-to-
you  text, it's because doing so "crams"
information that "dangles" in a way that
'nags' one to pursue the reading that
"removes the rub". If one actually wants
to learn the stuff, it's "good" to be "nagged"
in this way -- TD E/I(up) that sits-there,
making TD E/I-minimization Probable, if
only one has at the text.] But these "Special
Features" were so well-done that their
stuff just "clicked" when, earlier today, I
made myself some "muddy lemons" [Wal*-
mart lemonade with some Hershey's choc-
olate sauce added [to-taste]. [I'm out of
milk.] If you want to do the "experiment",
pour the lemonade first, then squirt in the
chocolate sauce and carefully observe it's
flow dynamics. It, typically, spirals-down,
in a very-elegant motion, to the bottom
of the glass. [I don't actually recommend
"muddy lemons, BTW :-] [I imagine that
it can be like an orange-fudge-pop, but
I've not achieved that yet. But I try stuff
like this just to see what it's like. This
'time', it was the visuals that were inter-
esting-- same as in the "gravity-waves-
in-a-bucket, and "shampoo" experiments.
You know -- "explore everything."]

"Zzzwwwiiippp" "Hey, that's just like
what goes on in a mostly-static version
the 3-D energydynamics!"

Only, in Life, it's spectactularly-functional.

Anyway, I also saw that the 3-D energy-
dynamics can, and probably, do literally
direct stuff like enzymes to their active
loci during protein folding, for instance, in
the 'same' way that protein fragments move
differentially under the energy-gradients
in the lab techniques that're referred to
above [and which were so-Thoughtfully
presented in the text's "Special Features"].

So, anyway, the =possibility= of the cor-
related portion of the 3-D-energydynamics-
"genome-addressing" hypothesis stands
Proven in the fact that the lab techniques
work [centrifuge, differential-centrifuge,
velocity sedimentation, equilibrium sedi-
mentation, column chromatography, gel
electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, two-
dimensional polyacrylamide gel electro-
phoresis, amino acid sequentations, sel-
ective protein cleavage, xray crystallography,
NMR spectroscpy [in the text, pp. 160-3]].

You know -- "loosen-up". Science is Fun.

It's like this every 'time' I open a book
whose stuff is new-to-me, and most-often
when I reread old texts.

When one knows about everything's being
rigorously-ordered via TD E/I-minimization,
the stuff of texts "comes 'alive'", "clamoring"
to "get in line" to just show one it's stuff, and
"introduce" one to all of its "neighbors", and
how they spend their 'time' in interaction.

It's one of the reasons that I persist in my
efforts to get "TD E/I-minimization" ac-
ross to folks.

You know -- I Love you in that way.

k. p. collins

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