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| The 'state' of the Social Security System
| is as it is for =one= 'reason': the funds
| were not Husbanded. Instead, they were
| merged with the general Treasure, and
| used for purposes other than their Law-
| fully-Designated purpose -- caring for
| the Elderly, and the Children whose
| Families have been devastated.
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Think about it.

We Citizens Elect folks to Office because
they've won our esteem as Leaders. In so
doing, we acknowledge that those we so
Elect to Serve us are specially-Gifted with
respect to their Leadership capabilities.

So consider the proposal that's been ad-
vanced with respect to 'privatizing' Soc-
ial Security in light of the above, and in
light of the fact that even those chosen by
the Citizenry to Lead, Represent, and
Serve it were, themselves, unable to man-
ifest the fiscal restraint necessary to simply
Obey the Law of The Land, Husbanding
the Social Security 'trust' Fund.

If these acknowledged Leaders were 'unable'
to manifest such fiscal restraint, how, then,
are us 'lesser' Beings supposed to be able
to do what the folks who were Elected be-
cause they'd won our Trust as acknowledged
Leaders were 'unable' to do.

It doesn't Compute.

The necessary Remedy is =Simple=.

Those entrusted, under the Law, with Hus-
banding the National Treasure should =do=
exactly that, and nothing less.

Errors have been committed by folks
who had assumed the Public Trust.

The =only= way to heal the wound of that
Error is to do exactly that.

It is totally-unacceptable that folks Trusted
to take action under the Law, should so Err,
and, instead of calling themselves to task
with respect to their Error, 'just' throw out
the Law and 'replace' it with 'arrangements'
that are "convenient" with respect to the cir-
cumstances of their Failure to Obey the Law,
with respect to the Trust with which the Cit-
izenry Honored them -- telling Citizens to do
what they were Elected, by the Citizenry, to
do but 'refused' to do.

Folks in Washington, D. C. =need= to
come-up-to-speed with respect to the fact
that the majority of the Citizenry is living
from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to
feed and shelter themselves, send their
Children to College, and provide some mod-
icum of Medical care for their Families.

Social Security is a National Trust, and
was instantiated in the white heat of This
Nation's having struggled to maintain its
stance on its feet when others had gambled
the Nation's Wealth on unsecured, unfounded,
and reckless imaginings with respect to the
"stock market", which, with respect to the
Welfare of the Citizenry, was exactly analog-
ous to the great disaster that recently befell
our Asian Neighbors -- only it was man-made,
born of foolish 'forgetfulness' that there is
but one way to assure fiscal security -- bal-
ance the books in =Truth=, not via 'wishful-
thinking' that 'counts' stuff that has no existence.

And how can folks who 'live' on minimum wage
be expected to "invest"?

With what will they "invest"? Shall they "invest"
the air that they breathe? And expect that to,
somehow, "grow" into anything that will sus-
tain them when their body's have been used-
up in the toil of their humble Service to This

"The poor will always be with us."

Some rise up out of poverty. Others descend
into it, despite all their efforts to keep their
heads above water, fiscal dynamics sweep
over them, taking them, just as the Tsunami
did to our Asian Brothers and Sisters in

The Social Security System was conceived
in the =Hard= lessons then-learned, as a "safe-
ty net" that could be cast to those who cruel
circumstances would, otherwise, take.

This Trust is =Sacred=. It is each Citizen's
Responsibility to every other Citizen -- that,
=together=, no one shall Persih through the
actions of fiscal dynamics that we can plan-
in-advance to take care of.

This Nation Decided, once and for all, that
that preventable Cruelty would never again
befall any of its Citizens.

=That= is what America =Is=.

Error has been Committed.

We must take action to Correct Consequences
of that Error -- not, instead, just presuming
that those who formed the Social Security
System, in the midst of the white heat of the
Fiscal cataclysm that so Devastated America
were, somehow, "ill-informed".

They were Brilliantly-Informed by that Fiscal
Tragedy, and, just as we Recognize the Brilliant
Light that Life-on-the-Line circumstances shone
into the 'hearts' of the Framers, so, too, must we
Recognize the facts in which the Social Security
Administration was forged-in-"fire".

We must not fall-back.

Instead, we must just do what needs to be done
to live up to the Trust that was handed down to
us from the midst of that white-heat's Truth.

You know?

We =can= "roll up our sleves" and Fix what
Fiscal Recklessness squandered.

And we can learn, from the Error inherent, =not=
to shirk the Law of the Land, and what it is that's
=in= the Trust inherent in being Elected by the
Citizenry to =Lead=.

k. p. collins 

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