On The Ring of Truth

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Fri Jan 21 23:27:44 EST 2005

So, the "bottom line" is that, because
we Humans did not comprehend how
and why our nervous systems process
information via 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization, we've been 'blindly'
and automatically wreaking havoc up-
on ourselves ever since "human beings"
gained their first wisps of "existence".

Be-cause of the way in which our nerv-
ous systems process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion, that which has been tends, strong-
ly, to =dictate= that which "will be" -- 
be-cause all that's been going on with-
in "human" nervous systems has been
'blindly'-automated convergence upon
TD E/I-minimization.

You know...?

This or that happens within a Person's
external experiential environment, and
all that happens within the "person's"
nervous system is that it configures it-
self to manifest effector activations that
will enable it to experience TD E/I-min-

But, in absence of understanding with
respect to how and why nervous sys-
tems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization, that
has almost-always inflicted TD E/I(up)
back upon other folks, so the cycling
that attempts to 'move toward' TD E/I-
minimization has 'blindly' and automat-
ically "countermanded" itself, thus be-
coming self-perpetuating-self-defeating-

The cognitive-lineage of such traces,
in an unbroken chain, all the way back
to the cave dwellers, who acquired it
from their experiencing of the animals,
each generation handing-down the
'blindly'-automated 'rules' upon which
its TD E/I-minimization had converged
with respect to 'how' to deal with the
'blindly'-automated Savagery that "the
other" was prone to acting-out.

It's been a self-inflicted, self-perpetuat-
ing virtual-Imprisonment within absence-

The "point" that I've been working to
get across to folks is that, if the way
that nervous systems process inform-
ation via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization is "uncerstood", then, to
the degree of that, a nervous system
is enabled to direct the effector activ-
ations of its host organism [us Human
Beings] to 'move toward' Truth, in-
stead of 'blindly' and automatically
'moving toward' the crap-shoot stuff
of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
mization that's been handed-down, in-
tergenerationally, as the result of the
perceived-'facts' of what had been
happenstance experience.

To the degree that such is actualized,
Humanity will transcend it's wreaking
havoc upon itself.

There is 'Difficulty' inherent in this Pos-
sible "transformation".

All of this 'Difficulty' derives in the fact
that what has been experienced as
"knowledge" has, itself, been instantiated
via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimiza-
tion. As a result of this, folks' abilities to
"think" have been just more 'blindly'-auto-
mated TD E/I-minimization that, itself,
'moves toward' perpetuating the absence-
of the transformation that I've pointed-to

Given NDT's understanding, folks tend,
strongly, to 'move away from' it -- =not=
"because" anyone can raise any factual
"objections" to it [that no one can is what
I've been Demonstrating for these 17
'years' that I've been discussing NDT's
stuff online, and, before that, in AoK],
but just be-cause NDT's understanding
is "incommensurate" with what has been
the 'blindly'-automated "crap-shoots"
that've been converged upon within indiv-
iduals' experiencings of their external en-
vironments -- =simply= because NDT's
understanding had no existence within
those experiential external environments.

You know...?

Folks experience NDT's stuff, and be-
cause they don't experience any TD E/I-
minimization within their nervous systems
when they so-experience NDT's stuff,
folks 'blindly' and automatically suffer the
=illusion= that "there's nothing in" NDT's

Can folks see how Sorrowfully-'funny'
that is?

=Of course= anything that hasn't been
experienced cannot drive TD E/I-mini-
mization within systems that do nothing
other than 'blindly' and automatically
converge upon TD E/I-minimization with
respect to that which =they have already=

But it's been =in= the 'state' of what has
been Humanity's Intelectual development
that such absence of "the ring of 'truth'"
has been Erroneously 'recognized' as 'in-
dicating' that "there's nothing in" whatever
it is with respect to which "the ring of 'truth'"
is absent.

But what has been =absent= was under-
standing that The Ring of Truth is TD E/I-

One cannot experience The Ring of Truth
with respect to anything before one has
=experienced= the stuff of that "anything".

And when the "thing" is, itself, The Ring
of Truth, folks get flumoxed by the fact
that they've experienced so much other
stuff that's been handed-down, intergen-
erationally in a happenstance way that
gains it's aura of 'truth' merely from the
fact that, since folks were =already= do-
ing whatever it was, whatever it was had
already gained some behavioral-instant-
iation of TD E/I-minimization.

All the way back to the animals, and we
allow the animals to dictate to us, still,
what it is that we "shall be".

Humanity has been =completely-blind=
in this way -- able to 'see' =only= that
which it had been "told" by those who'd
already experienced what "it is" that 'can
be seen'.

And folks, not comprehending what The
Ring of Truth is, have deemed it 'reason-
able' to Kill any of their fellow Human
Beings who they experience as 'violating'
"the ring of 'truth'".

It's what happened to Jesus.

It's what's happening to me.

And, like Jesus, I knew that that would
be what would probably happen to me.

But, like Jesus, I worked to make sure
that, despite what folks'd do to me, a
trace of what needed to be done would
be left-behind after folks'd Killed me.

I learned the Necessity of that, and how
to do it, from Jesus, when, after nailing
the Neuroscience 'decades' ago, I saw
Truth with respect to all that Jesus taught
looking-out-at-me from Neuroscience-

That "unbroken chain" that leads all the
way back to the animals?

It was Broken ~2000 'years' ago.

Humanity has 'just' been =really= slow
in letting it's "links" fall-away into the
Nothingness where absence-of-under-
standing goes when it's cast-out by The
Light of Understanding.

Look all around, and all you'll see are
those "links" burning the hands of those
who would hold onto them.

'soon', they will begin to drop, ever more
rapidly, into The Nothingness as those,
'tired' of what has been Humanity's self-
inflicted Death and Destruction, release
their grasps upon that which has sustained
'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance", turning,
instead, to the light of understanding.

Truth shall Ring, and it's "ring" will =Be=
in our 'hearts'.

["I will write my law upon their hearts."]

Wish I could be here when it happens :-]

k. p. collins 

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