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| [...]

| The "point" that I've been working to
| get across to folks is that, if the way
| that nervous systems process inform-
| ation via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
| minimization is "uncerstood", then, to
| the degree of that, a nervous system
| is enabled to direct the effector activ-
| ations of its host organism [us Human
| Beings] to 'move toward' Truth, in-
| stead of 'blindly' and automatically
| 'moving toward' the crap-shoot stuff
| of 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-mini-
| mization that's been handed-down, in-
| tergenerationally, as the result of the
| perceived-'facts' of what had been
| happenstance experience.
| [...]

Do folks see the 'Difficulty' inherent?

NDT is relatively 'unfamiliar' to almost
=everyone=. Encountering its stuff will,
therefore tend, strongly, to induce the
occurrence of TD E/I(up) within almost
everyone's nervous systems, and that
will, 'blindly' and automatically induce
folks to 'move away from' NDT's un-

But folks' becoming 'familiar' with NDT's
understanding is a prerequisite of Human-
ity's Survival. [I understand that most folks
do not, yet, comprehend this, but it's True.
That it's True is why I will not relent in
working to communicate NDT's stuff to
folks. The stakes are Absolute, so I've
no "right" to do anything else until NDT's
understanding is communicated to folks.]

So I've been working to just render NDT's
stuff 'familiar' to folks.

And, 'now', I'm "pressing" with respect to
the 'Difficulty' inherent by invoking Gov-
ernment's Sworn-Obligation to Serve the

If folks in Government look, they'll see that
all I'm doing is =Honoring= them by look-
ing to them to "go first".

"Go first"?

Yeah -- to be the first folks who'll acknow-
ledge NDT's stuff =because= folks in Gov-
ernment Profess, under Oath, to protect
This Nation from "all enemies, foreign and

And the greatest Enemy has been, and re-
mains, absence-of-understanding with re-
spect to how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-automat-
ed TD E/I-minimization.

So, in all of my calling folks in Government
to task, including in my recent discussions,
I've been relying upon the fact that folks in
Government agree to be "burdened" in a
special way that Obligates them to deal with
the TD E/I(up) that their encountering NDT's
stuff induces within their nervous systems in
ways that do not 'move away from' what
needs to be done on behalf of The Citizenry.

No, I don't expect any folks who've been
elected to office to understand NDT's stuff
[except those who've received Medical training,
like Senator Frist].

But I do expect that technical specialists that
Serve, under Oath, in Government, and espec-
ially those technical specialists who've been
following my communications of NDT's un-
derstanding for 'decades', to "go first", and to
impress upon those who serve in elected pos-
itions the need to bring NDT's understanding
forward -- for the good of America -- for the
Survival of Humanity.

I'm =OBLIGATED= under The Constitution
Of The United States Of America to do this.

And the folks to whom I'm communicating,
here, are similarly =OBLIGATED=.

This's is how the 'Difficulty' that's inherent in
NDT's understanding's coming forward will
be overcome.

The folks to whom I'm writing this are Oblig-
ed to Honor Truth with respect to NDT's
stuff. If they Fail to do so, they are in Violation
of their Oaths of Service.

What's more, these folks are not 'unfamiliar'
with dealing with stuff that's as "technical" as
NDT's stuff is. They routinely seek out such
stuff -- on behalf of the good of America.

So, although NDT's stuff is unlike any other
"technical" stuff with which they routinely deal,
they are not 'unfamiliar' with what's entailed in
coming up to speed with respect to analogous-
ly "technical" stuff.

So I look to them, and charge them with their
Responsibility with respect to NDT's under-

Honestly, I'd looked to all those who pursue
Science in the same way. Most of these folks
are, themselves, Citizens, bearing all the Ob-
ligations of Citizenship. So I "presumed" that
all folks in Science would consider themselves
to be analogously Obliged to do Science in
the matter of NDT's understanding.

But there's one significant "difference" between
folks in Government and folks who 'just' do
Science. The latter group includes Academicians
who are not Obligated by having taken Oaths
of Service.

It was 'hard' for me to accept that there's this
"difference". My view has always been that
doing Science carries with it an Absolute Ob-
ligation to Honor Truth. So it was 'hard' for
me to witness the fact that most folks who do
Science feel no Obligation to Honor Truth,
or to even acknowledge it.

So I've come to see that it will be the folks
in Government, who, it's been obvious, have
been following NDT's stuff with significant
"interest", I must look to with respect to NDT's
understanding's coming forward.

The 'Difficulty' inherent is addressed-directly
in their Oaths of Service.

In particular, the form that the 'Difficulty'
takes is with respect to recovering from mis-

Folks in Government are Obligated to Fix
mis-takes that've been committed within
the dynamics of Government -- because
the welfare of the Citizenry derives in such.

Allowing mis-takes to go uncorrected is
a complete abrogation of folks in Govern-
ments' Oaths of Service.

So, I Expect -- I Demand, as a Citizen -- 
that folks in Government not "cover up"
the mis-takes that Government has made
with respect to NDT's understanding, and
that they, instead, just do what's necessary
to bring NDT's stuff forward, without fur-
ther delay.

Casual Observer: "Yeah, sure, Ken. You're
dreaming if you expect anyone to admit any
mistakes have been made."


It's right in NDT's understanding that folks'
nervous systems converge upon Truth via
"curved paths" [AoK, Ap8], so it's just
not Possible to =not= make mis-takes.
[The whole mechanism of what has been
referred to as "depression" is 'engineered'-
into nervous systems for the purpose of
enabling folks to back out of "learning
cul de sacs" -- it's in-there be-cause it's
Impossible to not make mis-takes be-cause
the route to understanding does, necessarily,
follow "curved paths" in which "information-
gathering" [AoK, Ap5 and Ap7] occurs
experientially, and "information" cannot be
"known" until it's =experienced=.

So it's right in NDT that "Forgiveness" is
an Absolute Necessity.

And this takes the "sting" out of Forthrightly
addressing, and Fixing, mis-takes.

The 'presumption' that "mistakes" automat-
ically "destroy" folks' capabilities to carry
out their Responsibilities is =just= a False
"finitization" [AoK, Ap4] that was converg-
ed upon on absence-of-understanding with
respect to how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization -- typically, being used
as a "cudgel" by folks in 'power' struggles
that are, themselves, 'just' prime examples
of the "inward spirals" that're discussed in
AoK, Ap8. All of this stuff is 'just' self-de-
feating with respect to Humanity's Survival.

For myself, I'll only =Celebrate= mis-takes
being Fixed, and only work to enable such.
[I already Live in NDT's understanding.]

Anyway, all of my calling folks in Govern-
ment to task, over the 'years', has been as
a prelude to asserting my expectations, as
a Citizen, that folks in Government who
take Oaths of Service will, in fact, Honor
Truth because doing so is Required of them
by their Oaths of Service.

My doing so is just Necessary because the
TD E/I-"hump" that stands in the way of NDT's
understanding's coming forward has to be got-
ten-across if Humanity is to Survive.

NDT's understanding =cannot= be kept
'secret' -- be-cause it works within =individ-
ual= nervous systems.

Trying to "use it" only ab-uses it be-cause,
such "use" is experienced within individual
nervous systems as "incompleteness" that
'blindly' and automatically induces TD E/I(up)
to occur within them, which 'only' results in
their 'moving away from' the 'goals' of such
"use" [of such ab-use].

So NDT's reification of how and why nerv-
ous systems process information via 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization -- and
how that has =needlessly= precipitated
Humanity's self-Ravaging -- must be com-
municated to =Individuals=, openly and
freely -- in order to enable folks to see how
resort to "aggression" is always Illogical,
and self-defeating.

If you've read this, Thank You. [I under-
stand that it's 'Difficult'. Give yourself a "

k. p. collins

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