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| Now, the folks on the Nobel Committee
| will understand why it was that I could
| not accept the Peace Prize.
| [...]

I realized, on rereading the above, that it
could be construed as my "saying" that I'd
been "offerred" the Peace Prize.

That is =not= the case.

I was referring back to my long-ago com-
municating that, although I understand the
great Honor that's inherent in receiving the
Peace Prize, I could not accept an Honor
that was "outside" of Science [because I
was, then, aware that some folks were int-
erested in doing something that'd "shunt
me aside", while giving the means to stay
alive -- something that'd 'dismiss' my own
voice with respect to NDT's Science, but
give me "reason to be satisfied".

While I've the deepest Respect for the
Peace Prize, I could not allow my voice
to be 'silenced', or otherwise rendered
'superfluous', with respect to the Science.

I understand that a lot of folks do not con-
sider me to be working in Science, but I am,
and have been all of my Life. These folks'
'perceptions' have everything to do with
their 'memberships' in this or that 'club', and
nothing to do with actualities of doing Sci-

Yeah, I'd like to not have to worry about
my own survival, but I can do nothing that'd
place NDT in jeopardy as =Science=.

I Apologize for my having stated things in a
way that could be construed.

Other matter:

I Mourn the Death of Johnnie Carson.

Back during the "Terrible Times", when I
was struggling to achieve closure with respect
to NDT's synthesis of the Neuroscience ex-
perimental results, the only "break" I'd allow
myself each week-'day' was to watch the
=Tonight Show=. Mr. Carson's gentle sense
of Humor was like a "balm" that soothed the
"aching", and that I survived the ordeal of the
"Terrible Times" might've been Mr. Carson's

I've always wanted to tell him in-person, or
via a letter that had some chance of getting-
through to him. I wanted to give him a smile
by relating how I'd gone through "withdrawal"
while he was off the air, convalescing from
some circulatory problems".

I wanted to Thank him for his work, and how
Gracfully he always did it.

He was one of my Heroes.

The world is less without him in it.

Saint Peter: "Heeeeerrre's Johnnie!"

Hold him to You, Lord,

Love, ken

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