On The Ring of Truth

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Necessary Clarification added, below.

| Trying to "use it"

, in any way that attempts to 'covertly'
manipulate folks,

| only ab-uses it be-cause,
| such "use" is experienced within individual
| nervous systems as "incompleteness" that
| 'blindly' and automatically induces TD E/I(up)
| to occur within them, which 'only' results in
| their 'moving away from' the 'goals' of such
| "use" [of such ab-use].
| So NDT's reification of how and why nerv-
| ous systems process information via 'blind-
| ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization -- and
| how that has =needlessly= precipitated
| Humanity's self-Ravaging -- must be com-
| municated to =Individuals=, openly and
| freely -- in order to enable folks to see how
| resort to "aggression" is always Illogical,
| and self-defeating.
| [...]

Those who 'think' that NDT's understanding
can be 'used covertly to manipulate' folks
will =always= find themselves coming up
against a =Terrible= Impossibility.

Lincoln intuitively addressed this Terrible
Impossibility when he said, ~"You can
fool some of the people all the time, and
you can fool all of the people some of the
time, but you can't fool all of the people
all the time."

Someone =always= knows that malfeasance
is being carried-out against the Citizenry.

In the case of NDT's understanding, such is
to be Feared, Absolutely -- be-cause it's
=always= right-there, with no way around

And why ab-use NDT's stuff?

Why, when it's the most-Joyous stuff, when
it's just allowed its place within folks' 'hearts'?

Why "fight" Joy?

Why "fight" the stuff that enables folks to
unfailingly find their ways to maximized

Why 'manipulate' such?

Why 'worry' about anything that's entailed
except assuring that folks have complete
access to it?

Why not take care of the Terrible-Impossibility
that's Ravaged Humanity since the Beginning?

Why not just Honor Truth inherent?

k. p. collins 

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